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Ok, I keep hearing rumors about a WoW demo. Does anyone know if there is and where it can be found??


  • chinesewaterboychinesewaterboy Member Posts: 14

    You have to ask a friend who owns the game (not sure if normal comes with it but I think collectors edition does) for the demo

    Unless your referring to the "trial period extension" thats been all over the news, that trial period is the 30 day thing when you buy the game

    Also I'm not 100% positive about the demos being in the full game box, I read that somewhere a while ago and saw demo keys for sale on eBay

    But most MMORPG's dont release a public free demo (meaning one where you dont need to be a fileplanet subscriber, dumb SOE) this early after it's initial release, most MMO's I've played take at least 3-4 months to release one to the public

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  • SlangerSlanger Member UncommonPosts: 280
    The Collectors Edition does come with a 10-day guest pass. So if you know a friend that has the Collectors Edition of World of Warcraft go ask him to let you use it. As for just plain old demo that you can download and start playing. I highly doubt there is one, or going to even be one at least for a while. Usually the "free-trial" versions don't come out until the game has been out for a year or more, but there are a few that come out with a free-trial early on.

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  • numaticnumatic Member UncommonPosts: 663

    Demo? No.

    However, MMORPG's have Free trials. Usually 7-10 days with a game this popular. Find someone who bought the CE and get them to give you the guest pass info. Like the other person said though, i doubt WoW will have a free trial for awhile. Free Trials usually come out when a game is suffering a bit and they need more players. And WoW has plenty of them.


  • cobraone93cobraone93 Member Posts: 13
    I have been asking everyone that has the game and no one bought the CE yet. But I am still trying. I will probably just buy it and hope it's not a mistake.  But thanks for the responses.

  • Shai'tanShai'tan Member Posts: 78

    with the collectors edition comes a 10-day-play-for-free trial pass

    'Keep the disk set you prefer (CDs or DVD-ROM), then give the other set to a friend along with the FREE 10-DAY GUEST PASS (also included). '

  • darkgamerxdarkgamerx Member Posts: 311
    will there be a trial which doesin require actuely buying the game

  • metalcoremetalcore Member Posts: 798

    Could wait and sign up for the European trial.

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  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    Originally posted by metalcore
    Could wait and sign up for the European trial.
    That would be final beta which is closed, only previous testers & pre-order people can get in. (Unless Blizzard changed that in the last week).

    For free trial without buying the game most mmmorpg:s wait a year or two before allowing trials.

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