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Where did it go?

Wen't to go log on today, and my server is gone. Fun! No idea where my characters went or my server for that matter. Nothing on Blizzard website. Anyone else having this problem?


  • supergunnarsupergunnar Member Posts: 90

    Hmm.. thats weird....image Which Server is gone?

    Try send blizzard an e-mail........


  • RedCloudRedCloud Member Posts: 45
    Since it was yesterday it doesn't really matter... but which server are you on? andhave you had these problems before?  I'm on Sargeras and we're consistently one of the last servers to come up after the updates... but not being able to find your server at all totally blows.  I hope the problem is fixed image or gets fixed in the near future.

    Chief Red Cloud

    Chief Red Cloud

  • Silver.Silver. Member Posts: 368

    Sorry, don't know anything.
    Probably server update or somthing.
    Send your mail, or post on the "offical" forums.
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    Cheers! I'm out ::::28::::

  • YawnsterYawnster Member Posts: 46

    dont worry i found it later that day.. maybe was a bad connection or something


    who knows image



  • jimmyman99jimmyman99 Member UncommonPosts: 3,221

    That happens when server goes down for maintainance or for some other reason

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