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resources questions & write down what kind of resources is bad needed to u

Part I    Question

im start working on selling resources. there are some problems confuse me. so i list here:

1. I want to collect these resources:  steel , low-grade ore , iron , aluminum , radioactive , tatooinian fiberplast .  Are these resources good for selling and what kind of stats should they have?(plz give me ur opinions)

2. As above those resources i list , every resource have some different types, take radioactive and steel for example: class 2 ,class 3,class 6 etc. Duralloy steel , Rhodium steel , Duranium steel etc. so could u tell me what type of each resource should i harvest a lot?

3. there are 10 planets, which one are u used to put harvesters? can i find most of resources in each planet?

Part II  Plz list ur bad needed resources here:

Wish u guys can help me, ty!


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