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What's the story on SB?

ValaraukValarauk Member Posts: 303

Looking around for a MMORPG to play and wondered about giving SB another shot, how are things going nowadays?

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Still waiting for my next mmorpg...
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  • LuzonLuzon Member Posts: 15
    I too have been thinking about SB of late.  Been playing EQ2 which is ok for a temp fix but lets face it, the only real reason for a lot of us to play MMO's is the pvp.  Been having the shakes lately from killing the endless predictable mobs.

  • LaptusmeeLaptusmee Member Posts: 19
    There has been a lot of changes done to the game for the better. The new content offers a lot more things at stake instead of just cities. Mean pvp is still there, just that it's not as busy as it was before. Shadowbane is aging and people are moving on to newer, prettier games like WoW and EQ2. There are however, people coing back to the game because they realize PvP in SB > everything else. If you guys want to come back and see the new changes, jsut activate the free 15 day trial. See you in-game hopefully.



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