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Question about Skills...

I don't get the whole skills/spell thing in WoW.  Ok, you start off and you go to ur trainer.  There are 3 different categories with some skills/spells under each.  Ok you buy one, its gone.  So you buy all of them and they are all gone.  What do you do then?  Do more come up at a certain level?  Is there something you need to do?  Some one please explain.  Also do you like invest in one of the categories like say there are Sword skills, Magic, and Buffs.  Would you choose one of teh categories and invest in that one?  Someone plz explain!




  • KasumiKasumi Member Posts: 6

    3 Different Groups which are called talants, Talants basicly give you bonuse's to your skills/spells

    for exaple if i was going rogue i would have the choice to pick Subtlety Combat or Assassination.

    Each back up a different way you can play your charactor, for example Assassination gives you behind attacks and stealth abiltys, where as combat gives me more of my main attack skills.

    you can only max out one talant before u reach lvl 60 so its best to just pick one and you get 1 skill point for talants per lvl after lvl 10.

  • Silver.Silver. Member Posts: 368

    You have TALENTS and SKILLS

    You gain one TALENT point each level after lvl 10. YOu can use this in 1 of 3 categories.
    All in all you can gain 51 talent points.
    They do not gost money, and you can sped one whenever you want.
    Each TALENT category has a "special" ablilty or a ultimate ablilty. You can only have 1 out of 3.
    Or no one at all
    TALENTS do not give you ablilities that you can use in combat or outsidecombat. All are passive.
    Some classes gain ablilities from TALENTS.


    SKILLS is somthing you learn from a trainer.
    SKILLS cost money, but you can learn all the skills to your class, can be expensive
    SKILLS is somthing you use in combat or outside combat. Like a special attack, shield bash etc etc...
    TALENTS can give bonuses to some SKILLS, therefor picking TALENTS that boosts you SKILLS a good combination.
    Looking at TALENTS and SKILL, combinate them is a good idea.

    Got any questions?

    Edit: Added somthing to SKILLS

    Yeah deal with it, or else ::::15::
    Cheers! I'm out ::::28::


    Cheers! I'm out ::::28::::

  • Cecil-LinkCecil-Link Member Posts: 82
    So is there anything i need to do using talents?  Like do i have to manually select something and i will get talent points in it?  Like when you click on your info screen with your character in it and where you equip your character and at the bottom of that screen there is a skills thing and you click on it and it takes you to a screen with things like Axe [|||||||||||||||||||||||18/20] or whatever.  Do i have to do anything there?  Also where do I put talent points into things and when will i start getting talent points and where and what do i add talent points to?



  • ZrazikZrazik Member Posts: 195

    There was a bit confusoin with names.


    ABILITY: (Fireball, Frostbolt, etc.)
    These are the one you buy at your trainer for money.

    TALENT: (Improved Fireball, etc.)
    You get talent points by leveling, you can spend talent points on TALENTS, sometimes spending talent point will grant you a new ABILITY (ex. Pyroblast after spending 5 talent points into Imporved Fireball and 10 talent points in Fire Magic talent tree - also there's SKILL called Fire Magic)

    SKILL : (Fire Magic, Defense, Staves, etc.)
    They increase automatically, there are some types
    - when you level, ex. Fire Magic, Arcane etc.
    - when you use certain weapons, ex.:Staves, Daggers etc.
    - some skills are considered Professions and increase by crafting items/gathering, ex.:Herbalism, Alchemy

    I hope that helps a bit.

    These links will help more:
    ABILITIES: (often called spells)

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