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How is the population of this game? I am thinking of resubscribing for the game, but I hear there are a lot of group quests in this game etc. Has the game population flourished lately, or is it still as stale as it was a couple of months after release?

Also, is the performance of the game improved? 


  • boojiboyboojiboy Member UncommonPosts: 1,553

    The population is stable, but activity drops off during the summer.  Towards the end of winter there would be around 1000 people online on Seradon which is very healthy and makes it easy to find groups etc.  When the weather got nice, that dropped down to around 800.  I would expect when fall comes around here soon, they numbers will bounce back up again.  So yes, there was a significant increase of players maybe around a year ago and it's held steady since then.  And compared to after release and prior to the server merges the game feels much more alive now.

    Peformance since release has improved drastically.  I don't know when you played last, but a good example is Zaraax.  That fight was so laggy and would often crash out half the raid.  Now there is very little lag and people just don't crash anymore.  However, for the last 3 weeks or so, there has been a server side lag issue that the developers are working on fixing.  This has been frustrating, but I was on test when they were working on it and they put 2 full 24-man raids right next to one another and spawned a Fengrot for both to fight... there were moments where there was no lag, so hopefully that is figured out.

  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    I'm not sure what OP means stale periods after release.  For the first 4 months after release we had 2k on each server, those were the good days.  The numbers for VG unfortunately keeps on falling.  A year ago some thought 1,000 on Seradon meant the game bottomed out.  But recently I saw around 500 on Seradon.  So I guess 500 is the new "bottomed out".  This was back when they reactivated all the accounts for 1 month free play by the way.


    Anyways, I feel people kinda deserve a bit truth about VG's population.  People tend to exaggerate a bit when it comes to it, and there's nothing worse than to hop into a game expecting to group but find nobody around.  OP, you should at least give the trial a go and get a feel of it.


  • allinanallinan Member Posts: 79

    /agree - give the trial a spin, you may find it enjoyable.  I'm enjoying my return to Telon.

    Running the game on full settings with no issues, on Win 7 Pro to boot.

  • KymeeKymee Member Posts: 14

    The population can definately be pretty low sometimes, so it is something to  keep in mind and a good way to temper expectations.

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  • TalithiaTalithia Member Posts: 6
    Originally posted by Kymee

    The population can definately be pretty low sometimes, so it is something to  keep in mind and a good way to temper expectations.


    Are you kidding Romans Demalum?  Over here impersonating me now?  You really need to get a life.


    The population isn't as bad as it has been.  I see people pretty much everywhere I go.  And Romans, using my name, hasn't been in the game in many months, so I wouldn't take her word for truth.


  • IbnationIbnation Member Posts: 2

    Population on the pvp server is150-200 players for primetime hours.  Off peak times it's less than 50!

  • KymeeKymee Member Posts: 14
    Originally posted by Ibnation

    Population on the pvp server is150-200 players for primetime hours.  Off peak times it's less than 50!


    Wowzers! 50 people? What is it like playing that few people. I think I'd get lonely.

    Hell to the NO to RMT!!

  • HardwareGuyHardwareGuy Member UncommonPosts: 64

    Is the character creation still pretty ugly?

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  • declaredemerdeclaredemer Member Posts: 2,698

    Population seems very strong 50+.  In fact, I think there might be a need for additional content (esp. small group, in my limited experiences since resubbing, all the mobs seem pretty hardcore and the content seems full group).  I just resubbed a few days again myself and been off-and-on.  I often see lower-levels asking for groups in system chat.  I might make an alt, though, and simply reroll (probably go Bard).  

  • metalcoremetalcore Member Posts: 798

    Population hasn't really changed much for a while now.

    Numbers are steady, some leave, some join and there is a very hard core group of players who will never stop playing (for the foreseeable future).

    Best advise is find a good guild on the server you choose, then you never have to worry about PUGs.

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  • drolkrad666drolkrad666 Member Posts: 56
    Originally posted by HardwareGuy

    Is the character creation still pretty ugly?


    I'd humor you with an asshole response but I'll just keep quiet.

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