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How do i delete cosmos?

SystranSystran Member Posts: 105
My stupid cousin wanted to show me this program and now i can't get rid of it......anybody know how?


  • IxilIxil Member Posts: 10

    I think you need to delete some folders in your WoW directory.

    The best place to get an answer to this however is to post on the Cosmos site.

    I personally love Cosmos and would not play without it though.  Just the fact that the loot window comes up right under my cursor is enough for me to use it.  (less chance for carpel tunnel)

  • BaFooNBaFooN Member Posts: 239

    You delete the folder titled "Interface" in your WoW folder.


  • supergunnarsupergunnar Member Posts: 90
    Whats cosmos? image


  • ArtkilArtkil Member UncommonPosts: 20

    Originally posted by supergunnar
    Whats cosmos? image

    Awesome interface for WOW



    Please nerf paper
    Scissors are fine
    Signed rock...

  • SystranSystran Member Posts: 105
    It's for ppl that need stuff to be made easier......image heheheh.
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