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Which Client?

etlaretlar Member UncommonPosts: 797

i just downloaded the free trial - stygian abyss, and been playing a few hours, then i  remember some talk

once of a "3d" client..Kingdom reborn client or something.

the question is, i just saw some screenshots of the KR client, and it looks way better than the SA enhanced client.

how do i get the KR client, and is it still around? or did they revert back to the old client?(s)

feel free to correct me if this sounds wrong or confusing, cause im just as confused at the moment :)


Ps: i really would prefer playing UO with that KR or 3d client, it looked much much better :)


  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804

    There were/are 3 3D clients.

    3r  Dawn which is scrapped.

    KR which should be downloadable from the UO site ...just look for it somewhere - it should be about

    SA which is based on the KR client but has the option to use some of the 2D graphics.

    I have not tried SA or KR for a few year(s), but EA claims SA is/will be better than KR. 

  • etlaretlar Member UncommonPosts: 797

    Thanks for the reply, Downloading the KR client now :)

  • noxxlenoxxle Member Posts: 119

    Isn't the SA client going to eventually supersede and replace KR?

    I loved KR, however it is hard to target things with that client. Most people don't use KR for PvP.

  • handshakeshandshakes Member Posts: 73

    My understanding is that the KR client is going to go unsupported when SA rolls around. But I've heard good things about the SA so called "Enhanced 2D" client. So basically, pick that one up if you plan on playing now.

    Why does it hurt when I pee?

  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,115

    To me those "new enhanced" clients are pointless. I'm still more drawn into the original 2D client. This game was never meant to be a 3D game, all of its other features is what made it great. I've just subscribed last month and still love the old client. But there's a lot of things that changed in game. But I still enjoy doing the same old things all over again. Its still fun to play but you're not going to find groups to play with unless you're in a guild. And the funny thing is...There are still some really hard core guilds out there and wont accept you unless you're playing constantly.

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