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Game to play on the side

olimassoolimasso Member Posts: 18

TOP is a good game to play on the side, its fun and easy until you hit higher lvls, then you absolutely need mallpoints and that sucks


  • SnarlingWolfSnarlingWolf Member Posts: 2,697

    The key is not to let the main game know about the game on the side. If it was to find out the jealousy sets in followed by having to give up half of your characters and gear, it can get ugly.

  • olimassoolimasso Member Posts: 18

    Well I personnaly believe that putting money on free games is totally pointless...If you're going to spend money in a game just spend it in a P2P game, they're just way more polished ans have more content. Games like TOP are fun, I'll ahve to admit, but not worth putting time into, but thtas just my honest opinion

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