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Is leveling still slow in LoTRO?



  • This is a funny thread hehe.

    LOTRO's leveling was too fast in the beginning and if it became faster that only means it is worse now.

    Someone mentioned with the new added content it got even faster, which is typical but also a weird contradiction: If you level faster you miss out on content designed for a certain level range or you have to do it without exp reward and no risk. (doing grey quests anyone?) So adding content means missing content lol.

    Thats the typical brainless design concept of modern MMO's.

    Anyway: to the OP:

    Compared to which game do you think LOTRO leveling is too fast?

    What would be the right time for you to level to the top? And how many houers / week do you play?

    just intrested.



  • KylrathinKylrathin Member Posts: 426

    I'm on the 10-day trial myself right now.  Only 2 days left on it, but I've really only played a total of about 8 hours.  I'm level 12, still in Bree-land, doing quests in Combe.  I've really taken my time with it as I want to get a feel for the storyline and side quests, and after reading all this I'm glad I did.  I'm one of those ultra-casuals - married, kids, full-time job, no time to do anything really - but considering all there is to do, the leveling speed feels about right to me.  I typically hate level-based games, but quite frankly, the ambience of the game (mostly the background music, but the rolling hills and horizons too) really feels like the Ultima IX that should have been.  As a much bigger fan of the Ultima series than LOTR, they kind of got me with that.  While I'll never do a lifetime sub to ANYTHING Turbine produces simply on principal, as they destroyed all that was good and holy with their ungodly rendition of D&D, best I can tell at this point, they did a good job with this game within the confines of the IP.

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