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Trackmania - Looking for something different?

oscarianoscarian Member Posts: 116

Hi guys,


Trackmania Nations Forever is a free MMO racing simulation game that I have been playing for about 2 years now.


Consider this:

- A F1 style car that can go up to 1000km/h;

- It's 4 wheel drive;

- It can drift;

- It doesn't have gears;

- Tracks are made by players;

- Tracks have loops, wallrides, and other features;

- The game supports offline as well as online modes.


It's worth trying it out if you're looking for a "skill" based game (a game based on how much skill you, the player, has).


Homepage is:






  • PonicoPonico Member Posts: 650

    Very fun game but don't buy the retail version. You'll pay some good money for nothing at all... Most servers are for the free version and the retail servers have ranks requirement... some of them are extremely high.


  • oscarianoscarian Member Posts: 116

    The rank requirements are across the board, both for the free version servers and for the paid version servers.



  • GozerTCGozerTC Member UncommonPosts: 119

     My coworkers and I enjoy this game immensley.  It's a lot of fun to come up with tracks to challenge one another. 


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