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Post your Xbox Live gamertags!

SuperthrustSuperthrust World of Warcraft CorrespondentMember Posts: 45

This will be a thread for the Xbox live Gamertags that people have. If you see someone you wanna play with or are just building a friend list, ADD PEOPLE! Ill start with mine.





  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    Mine is Mephster. Waiting for Borderlands, Dragon Age: Origins,Mass Effect 2 and Left4Dead 2.

  • Hades_WarpigHades_Warpig Member Posts: 265

     Hades Warpig!


  • Swafdawg23Swafdawg23 Member Posts: 390

    Swaffle House -  mostly play Battlefield 1943, COD4, and Halo 3 and a bit of Fight Night Rd 4

    gamertag - Swaffle House

  • ArndurArndur Member Posts: 2,202

    S00N3R FR3AK playing mostly Dawn of War 2 though right now. Hope to be playing Madden 10 this weekend and then of course MW2 in november.

    Hold on Snow Leopard, imma let you finish, but Windows had one of the best operating systems of all time.

    If the Powerball lottery was like Lotro, nobody would win for 2 years, and then everyone in Nebraska would win on the same day.
    And then Nebraska would get nerfed.-pinkwood lotro fourms

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