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TixterTixter Member Posts: 10

This question pertains to those who have played Dark Ages of Camelot (DAoC). If you played DAoC you know as well as I do that the RvR system has not been succeeded by any game as of late. The complexity of Mythic's RvR system in Dark Ages of Camelot was shown through the use of the Tower and Keep system, battles including three different realms (Midgard, Hibernia, and Albian) clashing for the ownership of foreign or domestic strongholds to caputre relics yeilding power to give it's owning realm a step up in battle. Attacks on keeps and towers in which all three realms were present each bringing their own 200+ force to colide in a zerg of death. The offensive use of siege weapons to blow holes in keep walls or to raise towers, or deploying bastilas or trebuchette's in an attempt to defend your keep.

 DAoC, as a whole, is not even close to being perfect. But, it's RvR system is. Never have I played a gamer where not two but three opposing forces wage war in a triangle of hate. These days MMO developers think that having one side fight the other is the best thing since sliced bread. I don't think they could get away with four sides, but three sides is is a perfect number. Having three sides is a lot more action altogether, a lot more competitive, increasingly more tactical, and a lot more fun.


I was a Midgardian myself and there was nothing like defending a keep from hibernia from the North and then have Albian show up and start attacking from the south. It's even better when they both get into the Keep's courtyard and attack each other. LMAO everytime.


Is Lineage 2 anything like this


  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    Hey a fellow Midgard! I was a level 50 Troll (no pun intended lol) Warrior RR5 or something back before ToA.

    We all left a few months after that. DAoC had some great things unfortunately Mythic only seems capible to ripping apart it's games. DAoC pops where a shell of what they were after ToA and was never the same again.

    Anyway, is L2 like DAoC, nope. L2's castle system is a lot different. First seiges are scheduled for every other week depending on the castle (so about half can be attacked each weekend). also it takes a huge number of people to be successful at a seige. 100+ or about....Casltes are extremely valuable in L2. In most games guilds are grinding away at raids for loot trinkets, in L2 you fight for catle control or whatever else strikes your fancy. The castles give all sorts of benefits to a guild.

    L2 is sorta FFA PvP, the reason I say sorta is because there is a consequence system in place.

    So the dynamic of the PvP is much, much different then DAoC. The primary difference is the in the pre-defined structure of DAoC RvR against L2's open system. Basically it's Guild vs Guild.

    Guilds are extremely important in L2. If you don't get in with a decent and active guild, you are wasting you time in L2. That's not to say you can't pretty much can but the game conflict is build around groups and guilds. You just have to accept that.

    I know they changed the game a bit but I don't see the core has been altered at all. L2 looks like it's done a fairly good job at putting in decent updates. The nice thing about NCSoft in general is they don't totally castrate their games every year or two like other companies do. They just add to them.


  • SwampDragonsSwampDragons Member UncommonPosts: 352

     Well the thing is here they are not pre difined sides, you will not start a char and say that race will be my friends untill  I die.

    What makes Lineage2 imo the  best game  is that there are giant grudges. one person get wrongly killed and then one have war untill the end of days. Or they give up becuse one die to much.

  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    OP, I just looked at your post history.

    You would be better suited to play something like Warhammer before they shut it down or just stick with DAoC (if anyone still even plays it)

    Your post read like advertisments for DAoC lol The sad truth is there haven't been "200+ people per side to collide in a zerg of death" or anything else for that matter in DAoC for years now. It's a dead game and has been for a very long time.


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