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So I received an email...

vmopedvmoped Member Posts: 1,708
So I received an email from Ubi to come back to SB and try the new add-on.  My question is:  Does the add-on change all the graphics in the game, and is the lag still there?  I played SB from final beta till last October, and really liked the game, but declining populations and the ever present lag just became to unbearable (plus the lack of any new content worth mentioning).  Anyone try the new stuff out?  Is it good?

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  • QuietPaintQuietPaint Member UncommonPosts: 7

    There are still bugs in it. 

    The cities seem to take much longer to form when you log in/recall. 

    There is still a lot of lag in spots.  I never had a lot of lag problems before, but now in combat, I lose a lot of perfomrance.

    Sb.exe errors never plagued me before ToO, now I get them almost daily, but usually when switching characters, inconvenient but not a show stopper.

    The new classes are very nice, as well as the new vampire race.  So far, the single most deadly character to come out of the expansion is vampire/mage/assassin.


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