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Looking for a corp that just runs missions?

darnapkindarnapkin Member UncommonPosts: 146

After being in a few corps that said they did missions , and in fact, they never do!

so I started my own.    Shotgun Diplomacy

we are in caldari space, doing missions for the caldari navy, its a new corp, we have a few members, as well as people that like to just fleet with us and come along.

Right now i'm doing some lvl3's teaching some new guys eve,  we have a few people we do lvl 4's with.  If your new to eve we don't mind, we can help teach you just how to do missions


Our goal is just to get people that just want to grind missions, salvage missions, and make isk.

Eve is a big game and there is alot to do, we just want to focus on missions and then might move on to something else.


If you like evildead, zombies, aliens, dune, enjoy a good beer, hate pop culture, read scifi, read fantasy, enjoy social mmo's, enjoy grandkids and gardening, love british humor and have an few evil bones in your body, and would love to kill someone with a light saber ( come on, everyone does )  then you'd get along with our people.

Feel free to message/massage me in game if you would like too


Gurney Thorn



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