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US intentionally poisoning the rest of the world



  • Pro_PwnererPro_Pwnerer Member Posts: 51
    Originally posted by hoopty

    I have to laugh at the OP..Here the true facts..
    1)The water and food that you eat and drink causes cancer..Don't think that the food you eat and the water you drink is safe..Man made chemicals are in both..Allot of people will die of cancer or other related health problems from it and it is not just from smoking..
    2)Your Job..Those who breath in cooper dust or coal dust or those who handle chemicals or your machine runs in your building..etc,etc,etc..Your going to die of some form of cancer or health problems due to your job.
    3)Look under your Kitchen Sink..You have enough Chemical to start your own Chemical warfare.And just to think your hands are bare and the Chemical soaks through your skin while you cleaning..In the end it will catch up to you..
    4) The Air...Go live in Calf..The # 1 state for Asthma for Kids..
    5)The over the counter drugs..Do people really think there safe? I got news for ya think again...
    Allot more could be added but you all get the picture..
    When you start looking in your own back yard..Things dont look so good do they? The end results is..You going to die of something..Death is at everyone door..It just a matter of time of When.


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