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World of Warcraft: Doctor Entering Game to Help Addicts



  • arthen999arthen999 Member Posts: 183

    Did nt Blizzard already cure most people of thier WoW addiction by making it so easy theres nothing much left to be addicted to ? 

  • WraithoneWraithone Member RarePosts: 3,803
    Originally posted by Lumster

    Originally posted by daelnor

    Originally posted by Lumster

    Originally posted by coffee

    Truth be told if they were not addicted to WoW and other games they be addicted to something else such as crack,drink,sex,pie etc. Understand it all you like but theres no cure for addiction if your that sort of person.




    Wow you sure are an "expert", you do know that there are 1000 of addiction types and millions of reasons why someone becomes addicted. Most people if not all can develop an addiction, that doesn't mean they will always be addicted to something once they overcome one addiction.

    It is sad that so many experts roam the internet spreading their infinite wisdom.




    Pot....meet kettle.  You are just as ignorant and lacking of facts as those you are poorly attempting to ridicule.

    In the famous words of the WoW crowd:

    O rly?

    That anyone can become addicted to something and that there are many reasons why someone becomes addicted is actually common knowledge.

    Prove me wrong please, and don't quote church or american conservative studies.


    Oh damn sorry, I just seen that you live in the United States, sorry I should have known. Where I come from many people have something called common knowledge and sense, but I know that is something a lot of americans lack. I am really sorry, next time I stay out of a discussion between americans, since they do not care about the truth and are too lazy to google (WEAPONS OF MASS DUSTRUTION WEEEEEEEEE).



    Not even a good attempt at a troll 2/10. ^^ Our problems have generally been self inflicted, just as most everyone elses are. That is the nature of politics and politicians after all.  Addiction is a complex subject, and has almost as many aspects as there are addicts. Much more hard data needs to be discovered about the subject.  Thats unlikely to happen if people drag government or religion in to the mix.

    "If you can't kill it, don't make it mad."
  • Lille7Lille7 Member Posts: 301
    Originally posted by EricDanie

     Why do I have a feeling this might be something he won't be able to handle, and we may hear of our Doctor's adventures in Naxx soon?


    Just my thought lol.

  • ScyrisScyris Member UncommonPosts: 149

    I dunno how anyone can become addicted to the piece of crap knows as wow. There life has to really suck if that game gets them addicted. Pathetic people.

  • WraithoneWraithone Member RarePosts: 3,803
    Originally posted by Scyris

    I dunno how anyone can become addicted to the piece of crap knows as wow. There life has to really suck if that game gets them addicted. Pathetic people.


    Yet another victim of the public "educational" system heard from...

    People get addicted to the oddest things sometimes. Be it physical or psychological.  It depends on the person.


    "If you can't kill it, don't make it mad."
  • KalayKalay Member Posts: 154

    This is actually a good idea.  Game addiction IS a problem.  And I am sure there are many people that suffer from it.

    If you work and have to get up at 7:00, why the hell are you playing WOW until 5:00 am in the morning.  A person has to know where to draw the line in their money spending and time they spend gaming.

    i myself on several occasions have "gone overboard" when it come to money spending.  I blame that on the launch dates of specific criteria games.  But I make it for it in other aspects of my gaming, waiting for the price to come down of a certain game.

    MMO gaming can be a serious problem.  If you are spending time or money on more than five MMOs at one time you have a problem and should take a serious look at your gaming.  time vs money.  And you are just throwing away your money if you are doing the latter.

    Not only can too much gaming ruin your life, it can also ruin your finances and health.  The gaming organizations are not going to NOT take your money if you are willing to pay for it.  Eye-candy is probably one of the worst addictions of our modern times and needs some looking into.

    If you work full time you better take a serious look at your game play.  Because having both can turn into a serious problem.


  • ZakorZakor Member UncommonPosts: 214
    Originally posted by Frobner

    Should games be considered as beeing addictive ?  Yes
    Should MMO games be considered as more additcive than other kinds of games ?  Yes
    MMO games are alot of the time created to get you hooked on a satisfactiory feeling that gets dragged along the further and further you get into the game.    These games are CREATED to get ppl addicted.  Pay only 15$ a month (and ruin the rest of your life - as as subtext).
    Why is there no time limit on these accounts btw?  Maybe its something that the MMO comunity should start to take into consideration.  
    Whats an addict ?  One definition is that you are addictive to things that you think about more than 5-10 times per day in real life situtations.  Now.... I know that school ofc isn't really considered as RL and half of students could get through it thinking about WOW all the time... but then... whats there left for those kids further down the line ? 
    I personally know of few cases where ppl litterally played their life away as adults - loosing pretty much everything they had worked for in the past - including house and family.  It is real - and it is a disorder and these ppl are addicts.  
    You know... Asian countries are now resticting internet use (including gaming time).  Maybe its time that Western countries do the same.  Maybe its time that kids realise that noone will remember who "IAMDABEST" lvl 80 EPIC character was in 10 years time.  That character is worth absolutly nothing..  And the  sad truth is that the person playing it will probably be worth the same....
    Think about it...

    1. I think all games can be addictive to the same degree.

    2. Freedom my friend... let the people live their lives the way THEY WANT! If someone want to play games for the rest of their lives, who are you to think that it's not alright? Our society dictate us how to live enough, we don't need the governement in our personal life too. You like dictators? o.O

    3. And if you agree with the communist mentality, why don't you move to a communist country? You seem to like to be told how to act and think anyway eh?

    4. I think you underestimate kids. I don't think kids think they can make a living out of MMORPGs. It's often a passion, they enjoy playing video games... they spend many hours a day playing video games but I'd prefer to see a kid addicted to video games than any kind of drugs.

    I often hear : "You put way too much time into your gaming..."

    I anwser : "Yes, that's true, I spent about the same amount of time you spend watching your T.V. playing video games." (people usally don't anwser back because they know it's true)

    5. Everyone has addictions to things in life, EVERYONE! Even you Frobner! It doesn't mean that because your degree of addiction is more severe that it's bad either. It's not your duty to judge no one or tell how someone should live.


    3 words to you Frobner : Get a life...

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  • korat102korat102 Member Posts: 313

    pfft  He probably just wants to play the game and get someone else to pay for it via a grant. Full marks for originality.

  • mmcguire2mmcguire2 Member Posts: 310

    Its a good 'idea" but do you give someone crack so they can help someone on crack? It is nice to see people tring something other then pulling the plug.

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