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just found this game, questions about healing types

happydan20happydan20 Member UncommonPosts: 260

Unfortunately I just learned of this game and missed out on any keys.


I was wondering what the game is like for those who play healing classes.  I know its a classless game, but thats the type of gameplay i gravitate towards.


Some games are solo friendly that medics aren't really needed.  Some games give everyone access to healing items that end up making a medic unneeded.

The closest game I can think to compare thia game is tabula rasa, and obviously I played a medic, butit turned out that they werent needed all you did for instances was grab as many people as possible and shotgun through it.

So anyone else who enjoys the game and enjoys the support role, what are your impressions of the game?


  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    can't say anything due to NDA but i will say healing is different from what you are used to.

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  • taus01taus01 Member Posts: 1,352

    Look up the information on the official forums. Can't elaborate due to NDA. Like the poster above me said, it is a bit different than the usual archetypes.

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  • happydan20happydan20 Member UncommonPosts: 260

    I have been reading all the developer posts on the offical forums, and browsing the user posted stuff.  I don't know how sophisticated the search is because every search term I try on the subject gives me a list of posts unrelated.


    If you know of any posts about it, would it be against the NDA to share them, since they are open to the public?

  • TrowarTrowar Member Posts: 147

    There are some healing, First Aid and Cooking are skills that helps players to heal. There are mutations that heal. But healing is rather weak compared to how it is in fantasy games, the focus is more on taking as little damage as possible, then even weak healing makes a difference.

    Icarus has taken a lot of inspiration from EvE and the "healing" in EvE is about as powerful as the one in Fallen Earth.

  • brezelbrezel Member Posts: 202
    Originally posted by happydan20

    I was wondering what the game is like for those who play healing classes.  I know its a classless game..

    when you know this, then you should also know that there must be enough of healing equiment for everyone... cuz there is just no specialized type/class who use superior healing items. 


    in fallen earth, you do not cast "the holy healing" or a buff seal for more healthpoints, you heal yourself with simple health packs, bandages, pills and other stuff. you learn the recipes from medic npc's and craft the items over the general crafting menue.

    well, in fallen earth a supporter can maybe make sense in PVP or only in several roleplaying situtations.

  • neoterrarneoterrar Member Posts: 512

    Maybe try the question of the week not really sure where to tell you to look


    I'm guessing with the gun toting ranged nature support types will play a minor role.

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