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World of Warcraft isn't the priority at Blizzard



  • Daffid011Daffid011 Member UncommonPosts: 7,945
    Originally posted by Wraithone

    Originally posted by Daffid011

    Somehow I just don't buy the experiences of someone who worked on such marvels as AC2 and perpetuals Star Trek Online as knowing how a successful development team operates.  His experience was that the A team from AC2 was pulled off to work on.... wait for it... D&D online.  Then he worked with a company the screwed up not 1, but 2 mmos and a game engine.  Something tells me he has never worked with an A team at all.
    For all his chatter, wow still is not out of the lime light.  Obviously blizzard will move people around when they create a new project and some of them will come from the wow team, but I think his past experiences with companies that mismanaged their products isn't the litmus test we should all think it is. 
    I somehow doubt blizzard is turning over the most profitable game on the market to second rates.  Looking at the volume of content and new features in 3.2 I'm not convinced by his words.  


    Who but second raters would have come up with some of the "balances" and other such antics to be found in 3.2? WoW is on autopilot right now. Server stability post patch is back to where it was in the first 18 months.  Its obvious that Blizzard has pulled their most experienced personnel off of WoW and has them working on its other titles.

    They are after all Blizzards future. They would want their best people working on them. But common sense would say that one has them at least train their replacements, so that we don't see the on going sequence of "issues" and bad design decisions that we've had to deal with. Look at how many talent resets there have been for just the Death Knight class alone. as just one example among many(so very many... ^^) .

    I'm not denying that there are team members moving around at blizzard.  It would be next to impossible to imagine that there are not with them working on diablo3, starcraft2 and the unnamed mmo. My comments were that we should not put to much stock into the words of someone who has worked on 2 failed mmos as being somehow relative to how blizzard works.  I mean he talks about the "a team" of his company being pulled away to work on ddo?  Look how that game turned out and he calls them the a team and tries to relate those experiences to blizzard? 

    As for the server stability, balancing issues, etc.  You use far to much hyperbole.  The servers have alway been wonky after patches since the games release.  Saying the servers are as stable as the games first year is just flat out incorrect.  Saying an mmo is in the hand of second rate team, because it is balancing classes completely ignores how every mmos operates.  All mmos are in a constant state of balancing and obviously new classes are going to be balanced more than classes that have had 4 years of refinement done to them.  Use some common sense.


    I don't see a second rate team in charge of the game.  There is tons of new content coming, new mechanics to gameplay and the volume of it is rather large.  Nothing about that says second rate.  


    World of warcraft makes blizzard over a billion dollars a year.  No one in their right mind would abandon that to make some games that have a chance to do as well.  There is no guarentee their new mmo will do anywhere as well and I'm not sure, but I think wow will outperform SC2/D3 combined.  Not that they won't be wildly profitable and successful, but $15 every month from millions is a hard threshold to pass up.

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