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Mmorpg gets me fired and makes me out to look like a racist at my job

So we were all sitting around chatting, and one guy was singing a song he made up of his, so i thought it would be a great time to impress people at my job with my made up song by adding a mixture of WoW having no idea this would make me a racist.. heres how it went

No more melee, no more spell casting with desire, take me raiding..taking me higher with your speed. Im on fire...forget the naxxramas if you wanna see me.. cause im decked out in tier eight, you like? Forget your guild bank cause I need no money ..all i want is your Ulduar!!!

playing a resto shaman!!! is a new way of life to me!!, im just playing a resto shaman, come on baby raid with me!! we are playing a resto shaman!! its a new way to set me free!, im just playing a resto shaman, yes I wanna know! Yes I wanna see!

Now were talking, all of it is on the line, with your tier nine...with desire, take me higher, push me higher with your mind..same old fire..forget the ulduar if you wanna see me,darkness and loneness out of the way, you like? Forget your guild bank cause i need no money, all I want your Colosseum.

Playing a resto shaman!! Is a new way of life to just playing a resto shaman come on baby raid with me!! we are playing a resto shaman its a new way to set me free! im just playing a resto shaman, yes I wanna know...Yes I wanna see!

Bam this guy at my job took offense, told my boss now there thinking of laying me off.

What do i do?



  • MazinMazin Member Posts: 640


  • RunianStarRunianStar Member UncommonPosts: 27

    umm... so wait... what did he take offense to?  Was it the reference to a shaman? I'm confused. 

  • AnzieAnzie Member Posts: 468

    L o L ?


    Originally posted by Spathotan
    The simplest way to put this, is like this. Buying a used/refurbished 360 is on the same plane as sharing a condom in a gangbang with strangers.
  • seventy7lseventy7l Member Posts: 112

     Wait how did that employee take offence did they state what the reason was?What proof did they have that you offended them.Did they misunderstand what you said/sang?

    Like pong i keep bouncing back and forth between games.

  • hooptyhoopty Member UncommonPosts: 788

    Must not like your Rap song...rofl..

    Some people rob you at gun point..Others will rob you at "Ball Point Pen"

  • ZoobiZoobi Member UncommonPosts: 115

    Possibly the strangest OP I've seen on this site.


  • miropovomiropovo Member Posts: 55

    The threads regarding Erik Estavillo's suit against Sony ran thick with semi-legalese.  My take on this is, unfortunately, is that almost all emplyment is at-will, meaning you can quit and you can be fired almost without cause. If you really feel you did nothing to offend anyone, then contact an attorney to see what your options are. I personally can't sayanything. I think in most corporate environments, if you feel offended by someone, you are required to approach the offending individual and let them know about their behavior first.

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,988


  • rr2realrr2real Member Posts: 448
    Originally posted by hoopty

    Must not like your Rap song...rofl..


    his job must have been song writing and for making something that horrible i can see why he was fired

  • haratuharatu Member UncommonPosts: 409

    Reference to Shamanism, which is actually a religious, not race issue.

    References which sound like you are making sexual connotation, which taken in context are not.

    Obviously your context does not mean any of the above, however to the person who knows nothing about MMOs then they may not be listening to closely to the context. I recommend you print off your words and ask your boss if you can have a talk with the person offended (like a mediation).

    State you did not mean offense and ask what exactly they were offended by, if it is not part of the wording you used then apologise if it was taken the wrong way but you did not say/mean what they heard and it may have been taken out of context.

    Make sure to do it with your boss(or other management type) present as a mediator in case the person says later you said something you did not.



  • EbenEben Member Posts: 522

    I think singing about playing WoW while at work should be grounds for termination on it's own. 


    Katsma is Lithuanian for 'he who drinks used douche fluid'.

  • BlazzBlazz Member Posts: 321

    What wolfenpride said.

    I am playing EVE and it's alright... level V skills are a bit much.

    You all need to learn to spell.

  • krityckrityc Member UncommonPosts: 175

     Let me guess.

    White male - Rapping - Nough said!

    People look for anything these days to get offended about; when in reality it's the reverse and they are being the one discrimenating.

    T=Time G=Gear W=Win Gr=Grind Nf=NoFun S=Skill FoF=FullofFail

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  • haratuharatu Member UncommonPosts: 409
    Originally posted by krityc

     Let me guess.
    White male - Rapping - Nough said!
    People look for anything these days to get offended about; when in reality it's the reverse and they are being the one discrimenating.

    Wow, I did not even consider that... does a race really own a whole genre? I can understand a specific musical instrument, or a cultural song... but an actual genre?


    That is like saying you can't make a spy movie if you are not British.

  • OzarumonOzarumon Member Posts: 107

    Its not rap, it was singing.

  • aleosaleos Member UncommonPosts: 1,939

    what you do is explain to your boss exactly what you were getting at even if it sounds stupid then say you will apologize to the ignorant coworker (choose words carefuly). Apologize and explain how you ment to offence what so ever and hope you can continue to enjoy your work career together.

  • stayontargetstayontarget Member RarePosts: 6,519

    I'm sure a lawer would have a field day with this if they fired you. (pray that they do and you just may be the last one laughing).

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  • OzarumonOzarumon Member Posts: 107

    Thanks guys. Being a minoritiy in todays corperate world is hard.

  • haratuharatu Member UncommonPosts: 409
    Originally posted by Ozarumon

    Its not rap, it was singing.

    In that case I retreat to my original statement, The person was off in fairyland and was not listening properly... simple mediation and discussion will solve it.


  • lugallugal Member UncommonPosts: 671

    Never admit to doing anything wrong. NEVER. Once you admit or appologize, you are saying you did something wrong. Deny any wrong doing. Challenge them to prove what was offensive.

    Also, if you want to scare the shit our of your company, ask them some pointed questions about the policy and training. Here in California, its the law that all employees be "trained" to know what is acceptable behavior and comments. This is meant to protect companies from litigation. Many states have similar laws and the deferal laws are pretty weak though.

    Question 1: What is the offense?

    Question 2: What traing in harrassment and conduct does the company do?


    Most management will freakout when you come to them with these questions. THey will ask why you are asking for these questions, just state its what the lawyer told me to ask.

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  • hooptyhoopty Member UncommonPosts: 788
    Originally posted by Ozarumon

    Its not rap, it was singing.


    What ever..But in again it was at work..Do they pay people to sing or work?


    Some people rob you at gun point..Others will rob you at "Ball Point Pen"

  • Vagrant_ZeroVagrant_Zero Member Posts: 1,190

     Let em fire you collect unemployement.


    Get a real good lawyer. At Will employment won't stop a really good lawyer from squeezing an employer. You can say the manner of the termination created emotional distress and made it difficult to connect to other people (since now you're worried they'll all go spazzo on you get you fired). While an employer has the right to fire you for anything he does not have the right to impair your ability to seek future employment.

    So like I said find a good laywer (Armenian/Persian/Jew). Those types will generally know doctors and physchologists who they have special deals with (they testifiy on behalf of the lawyer's client and in turn get a cut of the rewards).


    This whole damned case sounds like a gold mine...why couldn't it have happened to me. /sigh

  • Jumper2kJumper2k Member UncommonPosts: 133

     woah woah woah woah................ woah

    hold on a second...

    so... you sang this in public??




    Though I must admit if you sang that at my job I'd be quite offended... although i'm not sure id call it racist but .... ugh i cant say any more it will just be too mean. I'm sorry I just cant fathom loving a video game so much. Its like dressing up as a wookie for a star wars release.


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  • BlurrBlurr Member UncommonPosts: 2,155

    I don't see what the problem is. They can't just say "we're thinking of firing you" and not give you a reason why. You never gave us this reason.

    Until we have that information, I find it hard pressed to believe this is a true story.

    "Because it's easier to nitpick something than to be constructive." -roach5000

  • hooptyhoopty Member UncommonPosts: 788


    Tell your Boss you would like to quit your singing and keep your day Job..I would a paid you to stop singing..

    Some people rob you at gun point..Others will rob you at "Ball Point Pen"

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