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LF f2p mmo pve

kosmicfookosmicfoo Member Posts: 37

Hello All,

I come from wow, quit over 2months ago.

I have been looking for a f2p game to play, i notice most of f2p has cash shop and been reading some games are depending on buying items at the end game.

So are there any f2p games where you can play just fine at high lvl and have fun with out having to buy items.


  • JurzuJurzu Member Posts: 16

     I heard Ijji's Atlantica is pretty good. I was hooked on to that because you don't really need to buy any items to become good, only to get extra. F2P and has a pretty good community as well

  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    most f2p games rely on the cash shop to make money so pretty much all have things that unbalance the game somehow

    only game that is 100% free with no cash shop is planeshift

    you could also look into anarchy online for a froob account it will contain anarchy online and the notum wars expantion any of the other expantions(with their lvl increases and items are p2p)

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