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New gaming/Computer/Console forum needs your support

Hello MMORPG fans.

Me and a friend have recently set up  new forum dedicated to Computers, games and consoles, At the moment were still adding alot of content and would appreciate any New members that wish to join, Not only do you get the satisfaction of joining a new community but there will also be contests to win Money and Gift vouchers for active members.

To show us some support you can register at : http://gamerforumz.com/

Referal Member : Mod Jay


  • zmyth770zmyth770 Member Posts: 6

    Added our first copetition,


    1 month to recruit as many people as you can, Reward = $50

  • HYPERI0NHYPERI0N Member Posts: 3,515

    yea im not sure but i think your link counts as a referal link which is not really allowed here. I wont report you tho but i sujest you get rid of the referal part of your link and just link to the main part of your forum.


    I hope your forum does well BTW cant have too many good gaming forums in my opinion.

    Another great example of Moore's Law. Give people access to that much space (developers and users alike) and they'll find uses for it that you can never imagine. "640K ought to be enough for anybody" - Bill Gates 1981

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