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a cool idea

zlingzling Member Posts: 21

i have alot of ideas on this, but il try to keep it short so its easy to read. i thought of this cool skill system a few weeks ago and ive decided to share it with yall. i think something like this would really put a freash feel to an mmo.

first off, there would be no classes (kind of...) instead there would be one giant skill tree. in the beginning of the game you would be tought, in a tutorial type thing, how to attack, use magic and move around. these would unlock the standard attack, the basic magic attack and a running skill, which each branch into other things. the magic would branch into stronger magic attacks and heals. and further up the road it would branch into different elements (fire, watter ect.) the same kind of thing would happen with fighting, it would go into attacks and mastarys ect. the movement one would lead to stealth abilities high jumps persinality stuff (for getting better prices from npcs)

to unlock a skill you have to have all the skills connected to it and you must do a quest (or quest chain) for a npc. the quests get harder and take longer depending on the skill you are getting. for example, a basic magic skill would require you to go gather some wolf fang by killing a few wolves, while an advanced one would have you do a quest chain ending in stealing a tome from some powerfull mages tower.

on the chain you will only be able to see the skills you have and the skills you can currently get the quest for, no further. clicking on skills you dont have will give you a hint twords finding the npc who gives its quest. it could say anything from you have a feeling [npc name] wants to talk to you, to you feel the pull of adventure from the north. depending on how far down the chain the skill is.

there wouldnt be any set classes, but there would be an advantage to not spreading out which skills you get because it would take alot of time to try to get skills from all over the chain, it would be good to focus on just a few things, like somone could focus on using a bow and doing stealth stuff and be an assassin type character.

i was thinking there could also be some special skills that require you to have things from different areas before you can get it. for example if you had a fireball spell and sword mastery then you could unlock a firey sword attack.

like it? hate it?



  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    This actualy just sounds like a skill-based game. I personaly see little difference's between the normal skill-based and your idea, sorry.


  • tupodawg999tupodawg999 Member UncommonPosts: 724

    I like the idea and it's one of the (too many) possible systems I tinker with.

    It's like taking the mechanism of Everquest's AAs, Fallout's perks or WoW's talent tree and using that mechanism for the whole skill system. I prefer it to the standard skill system because it creates harder choices. You can either follow one route all the way up to the top of the tree and effectively create one of the class archetypes or mix and match skills from different paths.

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