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What is a good macro keyboard?

FYI: I know of the G19 series, but I don't need to pay 75% of the $200 cost just to get a fancy screen attached to the keyboard.

I just want the macroing ability. I also want something that has easy keypresses and silent keys. It can have other features attached to it, but in the case of the G19 the screen and computer attached is completely unnecessary and way too expensive.

I want to automate some tasks via legal attended macroing in MMORPGs, but I don't want to mess with trying to undersatnd these free programs for download because they rarely work or they don't work the way I'd want.  For instance I want to be able to hold down the mouse button and have it contantly autoclick, or I want to be able to press a key and then have the keyboard keep repeating that keypress.



  • Scubie67Scubie67 Member UncommonPosts: 462


    I have a G15 and it is really overkill ,I rarely ever use any extra functions/keys that are available on it that are not available on just a standard 104 button keyboard.I guess it depends on its worth to you.The extra g keys are handy sometimes for shortcuts although you can get by without them.I have looked at the g19 just browsing though.It is expensive

  • SabiancymSabiancym Member UncommonPosts: 3,150

    I own the G19 and absolutely love it.


    The G15 is your next best bet and it really isn't that expensive.  Newegg has it for $75 plus a $20 mail in rebate.

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,246

    I think the Belkin n52 gamepad is probably the best option for macroing.  The problem I encounter with logitech solutions is they rarely mesh with security programs like HackShield and Gameguard.

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