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Fight for Friends Recruiting

BatTheMattBatTheMatt Member Posts: 2

3F is now recruiting! We are a brand new community based clan founded by old friends who miss the old community clan feeling we had years ago.

Our goal as the clan 3F is to establish a RuneScape Community unlike most others in the game. We do not and will not (as a whole, individually anything is fair game) focus on hardcore PvPing or the sort (although we will do some of that fun stuff), rather we focus on building relationships, and building a strong, supporting, as-large-as-possibly community!

We have no requirements, as our goal will not be hindered by someone's level in a certain skill.


Visit to apply today. Happy questing, and hopefully you will join in with ours!






  • BlisseyBlissey Member Posts: 515

    Good idea man, your community clan sounds like the perfect one. I know this because there are still many other out there who play RS and need a good clan w/ a strong family feeling and such...... I'll do you a favor and mention your website on my rs forums and get a few blokes to join your community.

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