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my rs 26k vid


  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    Umm.... So you had your friends hold junk without armor and had them punch you and made a video about it?  .. For what reason? LOL

    It is sad though, 2m in one drop used to be medicore.  LOL Drops used to actually be good, you know..2m in one drop was chump change.

  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

    Actually, without being able to see that vid since it's removed, it will be about the glitch that far too many cheats are using. 1 player kills others and their reward is a heap of cash as it starts as doubling cash - cheats are cheats so their accounts are to be ignored unless Jagex get off their butts to fix something properly for a change.

    Over 90% of accounts will be cheated bad by rewards from hacking, scamming and using glitches. Then comes those that pay for gear since they are too lazy to get their own thus even by paying for items it's still lesser cheating and thus not a true account at all.

  • BlisseyBlissey Member Posts: 515

    Jagex is jagex, and they probably think that this on-going scheme will get their butts listed in "righteous among the nations". The good thing is, it gave me a golden opportunity to discover some of the better games out there worth playing like planeshift, el, lotro. 

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