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is there a special term to describe the counterpart of questgiver NPC?

is it questcompleter NPC or something? i mean the npc that you complete a quest with, pls i need your help, thank you in advance


  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,262

    Target is a good one.  Also there is the Korean mis-translation.  I forget what the word was though, I have tried to stay away from the bad Korean MMOs in rescent years.

    I also like the word Subjugation for a kill quest.  Subjugate 10 rats.  Total engrish version

  • gamemammalgamemammal Member Posts: 4

    wow cleffy thank you so i c it Target NPC rocks

    dude u r so smart~i like you yes you get it right i'm now translating the game stuff and i need to know the expression's exact equivalence-if there is one-in the target language


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