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Looking for an MMO with a good community

dreamsofwardreamsofwar Member Posts: 468

Hey all,

So ive played quite a few mmo's (guild wars, wow, lotro, age of conan, warhammer and a few f2ps not worth memtioning) and what i used to find really enjoyable was the social aspects. Unfortunately im back on wow for now, nobody seems to want to interract with each other, its hard to believe wow is online sometimes, they are a load of drones with limited dialog such as "LFG (insert raid)" or "WTB/S (insert item)".

Lotro was a different experience, the community was talkative and helpful, the atmosphere was laid back server wide and the power level/elitist mentality seemed to not exsist in this game. I loved it.

What im looking for is that kind of community again, if it exsists, im very open minded about the game type.

Thanks for reading, looking foreward to your suggestions ^^


  • dreamsofwardreamsofwar Member Posts: 468

    Nothing? Dissapointing

  • ascarrarascarrar Member Posts: 11

    If you dont mind a smaller community, try ryzom. It is well known for having a mature community that is very laid back. They have a 3week free trial. And dont forget to crank the graphic setting when its installed since the default setting suck.




  • itsuniquexpitsuniquexp Member Posts: 3

    I'd recommend Dream of Mirror Online :]It's a very social game. There's a lot of group partying & there's also solo leveling. && Each character are able to have multiple jobs:] It's pretty fun & easy to play. You can try that out.

    LF a new game :(

  • cujo603cujo603 Member UncommonPosts: 103

    I'd recommend Ryzom too. Both of the people who play it are really nice.

  • jdreamjdream Member UncommonPosts: 80

    go for LOTRO  the best community out there


  • Peregrine2Peregrine2 Member Posts: 169

    I'd say Everquest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online have the best communities of the games I've played.

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