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WoW...Dawn of a New Twink Era!!!



  • JGMIIIJGMIII Member Posts: 1,282
    Originally posted by Kyleran

    Originally posted by grandpagamer

    Anyone doubting the WOW player base is immature  really need s to read this thread. I find it fascinating that people find their machismo in internet forums while talking about pwning noobs in a video game. Carry on by all means, i enjoy the humor of your seriousness of being uber awsome in Wsg.


    It is rather amusing to see people trying to be all "badass" when their game of choice is... WOW.




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  • qombiqombi Member UncommonPosts: 1,170
    Originally posted by Kamandi777

    Originally posted by Replica2266

    Ok first of all it is a game, on a general level why do people enjoy pvp? It is fun to beat other people at a game.

    Next, why do people hate twinks? Because they are seemingly impossible to kill, this takes away the possibility of winning and beating them at the game. I.e. no more fun since you are stuck as the loser.

    This situation breeds the mentality that people who play twinks suck, they have no lives, and they do it just so they can feel better about themselves. Well what are you actually trying to achieve in this game, to kill another person, and that is what makes it fun, so twinks are made so they can have fun, sadly it then isn't fun for people who are stuck being dominated but grow up it is a game, and they just are better at it because they found a away to get better gear than you in the first place and therefore are a better player at the game, not worse as people so claim. All you have to do is level to 80 and then make your own twink and then you can have fun too.

    But in the long run any way twinks aren't going to fix the pvp problem, say they eliminate twinks, well they some class is going to still stand out and be better than the rest, then guess what anyone who plays that class is a tard, etc. etc. etc. The reality is this game will never be fair and balance innless for some reason blizzard eliminated every other class than warriors, and not one was allowed to have any different gear or abilities, suddenly it is perfectly fair and completely skill based but guess what it is fun anymore. The only reason anyone enjoys pvp is because of the advantage they have, whether it is a twink or one class over another it is the same thing.

    I also find the argument that it takes skill to pvp at 80 and it is fair and balance at 80 a laughable one. At 80 you just get put into a forced twinking situation. A twink is a character that is or has obtained the best gear possible for its level. At 80 all you do is pvp to gain honor, and/or arena points (through arena pvp obviously), to get the best gear possible at your level to help you "pwn noobs". I don’t see any difference in this situation where you place opponents with the top end arena gear vs. a team with; let’s just say for argument reasons, Blue crafted pvp items, typical of people who just turned 80. They have no chance of wining and it is not dependent on skill at all, if the team with the far superior gear isn't face rolling on their keyboard they have a much better chance at winning. They characters are just blatantly stronger, now the degree to which they are stronger may not be as much as a twink vs. a toon just leveling but it is still bad.

    Overall it just comes down to people complaining about pvp in general. The sad fact is if someone puts more time into this game then you do they are going to have an advantage, twinks aren't easy to make, and neither is getting the best gear at 80, this game is not fair and balanced and it can't be, other wise it wouldn't be any fun.


    He gets it!  This guy gets it!!


    Winning is fun.  Messing with Blizz is fun!!  Losing is a drag!!  Jumping through Blizzard's hoops is a drag.


    You know hwat made me make my first twink?  Getting pwned by a twink.  I was such a noob in 2005.  I asked my friends what happened they said he has the best gear you can get so he won.  I HAD to beat that guy, and I did.  How is that different than working to beat a boss.  I think it is better because the boss is an AI and they twink I pwned is infinelty smarter and harder to kill.


    Having the best gear, enchants, etc. for your level is one thing. What is happening in World of Warcraft is called exploitation of the enchantment system. The reason you felt the need to "twink"  a character is because of the exploitation. A character naturally of the level 19 can not afford a level 60 enchant therefore it wasn't meant to be the natural plateau of character building. The bar is set to whatever limits Blizzard sets puts in.

    If Blizzard say lowered the bar by limiting enchants, then there is a new more natural character progression plateau to be reached at the appropiate level for people to strive for. This plateau affects everyone so then there is no difference between the plateaus of character progression. The difference is now striving for the more natural bar of character progression will be obtainable for someone new to the game at each bracket with some deligent work. This leads to more fun for everyone because the past system was just abuse of players that already built up a character and then used that money to exploit lower level battlegrounds as some "playground bully". 

    What should happen instead of what they are doing is I believe is put stricter limits to the enchants in the game to set that more natural character building progression.  With the current system though at least they are seperating the "playground bullies". Now they can try to bully each other. I doubt they will like that. The only reason these people exploit the system is so they can have an upper hand in fights. Just as in bullies on a playground the little kid that feels weak for his age has to pick on children a couple years younger than him.

  • Kamandi777Kamandi777 Member UncommonPosts: 223

    Having the best gear, enchants, etc. for your level is one thing. What is happening in World of Warcraft is called exploitation of the enchantment system. The reason you felt the need to "twink"  a character is because of the exploitation. A character naturally of the level 19 can not afford a level 60 enchant therefore it wasn't meant to be the natural plateau of character building. The bar is set to whatever limits Blizzard sets puts in.

    The above statement is false.  As an experiment I made a blood elf hunter on Shattered Halls server and took him from level 1-29 in a week and fully twinked him out except for shoulder enchants.  I had money to spare too.  I started mining copper in the blood elf starting lands and then started buying up underpriced blues.  Next thing you know I had 600g!


    It was almost the best pvp experience I have ever had.  As I logged into AB people would go yes Shaza is here we win, and we would!


    The only limits are the ones you put on yourself, time and time again we have proven we can get around Blizzards meager attempts to nerf us. 


  • HorkathaneHorkathane Member Posts: 380
    Originally posted by Kamandi777

    According to the patch notes on 3.2 the battle grounds will now give experience.  They will also be split into "xp on" and "xp off" toon types.  WSG will have a time limit as well.  People have been griping about twinks for years, especially about level 19 and 29 battlegrounds.  I am not alone in my love of twinking and destroying lamers. 
    WoW thinks they can seperate the "wolves" from the "sheep" in the battlegrounds.  They are wrong.
    I forsee  new and powerful play styles in 19 and 29 and 59 battlegrounds.  "Dual Twinking", "Stam Twinking" and "DK twinking."
    Dual make two dps class toons and level them to 12 or so.  You process them through Deadmines and Wailing Caverns to get the best gear you can, or use your favorite BOA gear.  You buy your chants and hit the bgs.  Chants are cheap now because of inscription.  You enter the bgs at 18 or 19. You kill all you can and make sure no one caps.  If you are smart you will be on a team and one of your guys will get the flag (in wsg) or you never support a cap (in AB).  You make two toons so if you have to AFK out (because of a possible win) you will be able to requeue with your other toon because of the 15 minute "coward" limitation!
    "Stam Twinking" would involve a pally or a drood toon with maximum stam possible who would hold the flag so no one can cap. A pocket healer would be nice here.
    "DK Twinking" would be making a DK, twink all you can and bgs in 59 wsg and ab and AV until you level.  Then make another and another and another.  DKs level quick and are fun.
    AB will be tough and really require teamwork not to gain xps, but could be easily done in a team situation. 


    This is why I hate the Internet. Back in the arcade days you pull some crap like that on Street Fighter or Mortal combat, knuckle to the face.

  • ajikanajikan Member Posts: 13

    I love how he feels the need to say he has a wife,kids and works at a collage, oh and lets not forget he has army buddies to.. wooow, what a man. Saying things like that over the internet is pointless and likely a lie or distortion of truth. That or he doesn't know nobody gives a shit.
    And he likes to "win".
    I bet he's the kind of guy who would play through a game on easy first so he can say he beat it in one sitting the first play through. He probably pots in duels to.

    In other words, he's a real twat

  • bond284bond284 Member UncommonPosts: 22
    Originally posted by sanders01

    Originally posted by Kamandi777

    Originally posted by sanders01

     So, you have fun ganking people with little to no gear, and not fighting the people that are on the same level as you?


    Ok you are making a groundless assumption.  If I say I like the color blue does that mean I don't like red?

    No.  I like both.

    I like screwing with WoW and it's so called fixes even more.

    And "strange", you must have never played on a PvP server.  MANY people like abusing the lame.  Come to my pvp server and level in STV.  You will learn quickly!


    Already did, 74 Druid Kel'Thuzad :/

    just said that because it just seemed like that from this line: "WoW thinks they can seperate the "wolves" from the "sheep" in the battlegrounds. They are wrong." But now I see what you ment, you like to try to screw over Blizz more than anything else.



    Me and my roomate leveled on KT in vanilla and played untill mid bc, alliance side. I played stuw, a paladin. I know just how harsh stv was back in those days, especially when fortis and ministry were still around (then merged into exodus then xfered off server not too long ago)


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