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LF a good P2P small group/solo PvP-oriented MMORPG

Hello all, you know the drill so let's get straight to the point:


I played:

Everquest, Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars, Runescape, Defense of the Ancients (DotA - a custom map for Warcraft III) and Diablo II

The main reason I stopped theses games is because they're old now, but the one I liked the most was probably EQ because it was the first or DAoC for my first PvP experiences. Also I liked how most things were instanced in Guild Wars. I like the fast action-paced "instanced PvP" feel of DotA, I'd like the same thing in an MMORPG environment.



Now I play:

Warhammer Online

I like it for: good lore, good graphics, nice guild/social contents, good instanced RvR (Scenarios), good solo opportunities (Quests, Public Quests for some class, etc.), good way of having the same class doing different things (mastery trees, tactic slots, renown points, etc.)...

I dislike it for: loads of bugs and devs so slow to react to anything, unbalanced classes/factions, low character customizations when you start, the "grind" is short (you can get to 40/40 in less than a month being half-casual like I am, 40/80 is longer fair enough), no small-group dungeons/PvP...



What I'm looking for:

- A P2P game! I don't think a F2P game can be as good as a P2P one, and just the fact that suddenly you're not a customer and hence have nothing to say about what's going on, no thanks. Also, I hate item shops and extra contents buyable with real cash (AD&D online, etc.)

- A PvP oriented game (where most PvP is instanced?) - I play on an open RvR server on WAR, that is already a PvP game (I play on Dark Crag).

- A game focused on small groups (I love duo/trios) and/or soloing. Yes, I want to solo in a MMORPG... I love the social aspect of MMORPGs but I play from Japan and I often don't have much time to play, like one hour and less, so finding a group, going to the place etc. eats half of my gaming experience, which is not fun.

- High character customization - lots of classes and/or races and/or skill trees and/or choices etc. I like to play not-mainstream characters, the underdog in most MMORPGs. (ex.: I play Zealot and Blackguard on WAR)

- Good class balance across the game. I don't need every class to be able to do everything but at least each class should be able to work as intended and do at least one thing well enough to be worth being played and taken in a group.

- Relatively new game with good graphics. My computer is very good and I like beautiful sceneries even if it's not my main concern.

- Developpers concerned about fixing the game's bugs and listening to their player base on a constant basis.

- I need to be able to join a North American Server even if I'm playing from Japan.



What some people dislike but that I really don't mind:

- Alts/Power-leveling - this is not a problem for me and can even become fun in the long run. Over-twinking a la EQ is a no-no but no twinking at all as in WAR, I don't think it's so important.

- Long grind. If the grinding itself is fun enough, I really don't mind it being long.

- Instanced PvE, PvP or anything. I still want to feel like I'm in a MMORPG, and I want to see people roaming around cities etc. but I like instanced PvP (Scenarios, Battlegrounds, etc.) and instanced PvE (group dungeons etc.)

- Being PKed and PvP looting. I like the thrill of PvP and I can accept its drawback. If I'm to be PKed even if it feels unfair then so be it. If it means I'll lose gold, items and/or xp, then so be it again. If the game is a PK fest then maybe not but I don't mind some of it if the community is still mature enough.

- The game being considered "easy". For me gaming is just spending some time with friends on ventrilo or killing time before going to work, I don't mind "auto-attacking" and having just a few spells to use (i like the Guild Wars concept of having only 10 spells to use in every instance), a clear role to play, etc. but...

- The game being considered "difficult". If the game is tough to learn then it'll take more time that's it. But I don't think I'm stupid and I like to find ways to become better than my opponents.

- The tradeskills. Having them can be nice if the system is good, not having them is not a loss for me. I usually don't really focus on tradeskills in MMORPGs, but if the system is nice I'll always give it a shot. But in the end this is not very important for me.

- The game being from X country. I'm Canadian and French and Japanese and German and whatever you want me to be, I really don't care where the game was develloped. I'd rather play in English because that's where the population is, though.



So here you go,

I want to know what game I should be playing and/or what game I should be waiting for! If you want to promote a game that you love and want to see the population of it grow go ahead! I've got money to spend and time to spare, I just don't know where.


Thank you for your time.



  • lolunaticlolunatic Member Posts: 108

    You could wait 1-3 years for kotor online to come xD.. game looks amazing - and is pretyt much small group / solo oriented

  • lolunaticlolunatic Member Posts: 108

    They've also said that pvp will be in there game.

  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298

    PvP?  Darkfall hands down.  Look past the forum trolls, its a good game on the inside.  Its the most open game on the market, with the exception for EVE-Online.  Players mold the world and make a name for themselves, weither good or bad.

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • MafixerMafixer Member Posts: 17

    I would suggest Age of Conan or Darkfall ( I haven't actually played Darkfall yet but considering it myself) for a pvp based game.

    I like you am stuck on WAR and suffer similar circumstances.

    AoC is some what instanced, it has dungeons to raid for pve and for the most part is open pvp. I cant remember if they added instanced pvp or not, been a while since I played. It probably has some of the best graphics for modern mmo's and I had alot of fun soloing in it.

    but alas, I quit because of the bugs but they have since fixxed alot of them from what I have read and the server population is on the rise.



  • kay226kay226 Member Posts: 17

    There is one game out there that seems to have everything you asked for: Vanguard.

    It is the closest game to EQ ever made, very solo friendly, small groups friendly, excellent class balance and all classes are fun to play.

    You really have to give it a try.

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