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LFG for small group of friends.

leshtricityleshtricity Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 231


i'm looking for a game that my small yet varied group of friends could all enjoy together. we all have differing taste so it might be a little difficult. mainly i just want something that's not incredibly complex or with a high learning curve; something accessible. something pve-oriented is preferred but any suggestions are welcome. also, a few of us have very mid-range PCs and probably couldn't really do something like AoC or Vanguard.

endgame material isn't as important as the actual experience itself. something that is very group-friendly/group-oriented might be best.

thanks in advance! :)

the official MMORPG.com deadhead


  • Dr.RockDr.Rock Member Posts: 603

    DDO plays very well with a small group of people who want to play uninterrupted.

    Other than that I would suggest maybe CoH with your own supergroup.

  • leshtricityleshtricity Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 231

    DDO is a definite consideration. LOTRO is also being given a serious look.

    Ween? Right on.

    the official MMORPG.com deadhead

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