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 Hey guys, this isn't a troll I just have question.  What is the point of having the swtor interviews or QnA.  I just read the latest QnA and reveals no new information besides what we already know.  It sort of bothers me that anytime I see a "new" review or piece of information that it's just the same old, "complete voice over! with balance!"  that is pretty much all we got from the latest QnA.  Again, this isn't a troll it's just an observation and it's getting a little aggravating.   


  • adrianemeryadrianemery Member Posts: 250

    As I said in another post ComicCon is a huge convetnion numbering 100,000 to quater a million people, many of these may have never even heard that there was a new old republic game let alone it being an online game.

    I have been at one of these Q&A where there has been thousands of people in an huge arena and the whole place is totally silent.

    The comiccon people who go and see this will tell their freinds, clubs etc and it makes sense for bioware to redo what they have already done as a recap.

  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    All the Q&A's or  'insider interview' etc. Its all to maintain hype/interest in the upcoming product. Even if its not delving into new information, it keeps the product in the minds of  potential consumers. I may not like it either, but I understand the business reason

    Also, just because it isnt new information to us, doesnt mean it isnt new to someone else.

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