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TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423

What I find interesting about this patch is that Blizzard is testing to see how player's respond to being removed from the traditional dungeon crawl and instead being instantly matched up with the bosses that drop the phat lootz.  1 fight, 1 strategy, 1 objective, then loot. 

If this is a success, it will vastly change how the most popular mmorpg in the world operates it's PVE element.  My guess, is that Blizzard believes it will be a success.  It will be a success, and a lot of guilds will rejoice about how great the new system is.  People will gear up quickly, just like they did during the release of wotlk. 

Blizzard will look at their success and then expand upon it, usually from the cries of players complaining that things are too casual.  Then Blizzard will launch the PVE bosses that they have thought up for sometime now.  The ridiculously hard, harder then what anybody has ever faced bosses.  The bosses where everybody needs to do everything correctly at all times, and then have luck.  People will complain.  People will cry that Blizzard has broken the system.  But guilds will be dedicated.  And only having to focus on that one challenge, that one boss, instead of clearing and re-clearing trash, and crawling through a dungeon like old times, guilds will relish in the opportunity to finally down that boss.


  • TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423

    I thought I was responding to a thread...but I guess not.

  • coffeecoffee Member Posts: 2,007

    Well I hope blizzard dont do away with "traditional" raid dungeons, clearing trash can be fun, the best trash was in BWL back in vanillia wow, the "depression room" packs of dragonic (or what ever they are called), those were a guild breaker in their own right.

    Have yet to set foot in Ulduar (rl work keeps me away) so I dont know how trash is in the current game.

    The new dungeon/raid is a good idea and im enjoying it on the PTR, 5man is a little easy, but 10man even Normal mode is still tricky... have yet to try 25man.


  • wartywarty Member Posts: 461

    the new raid is casual style because it is the summer, and people are having down time. eachyear bliz has tried to lure people back with fat raids and new loots, which has never really worked, people like their summer, you see.


    By making the colliseum snappy shorter fun, which rewards skill and ability to beat without many whipes over the duration you can put in, means that all guilds can get some people together and have a crack. the better guilds will get to work on HC modes pretty quickly because they can, while not screwing over the guilds hit worse by holidays.


    Its a genius approach, only took blizz 4 years to get there :)

    Playing polished, lag free, feature complete games is carebear. Whining about a game you hate but still play is hardcore man!

  • wartywarty Member Posts: 461

    yeah true true. dont get me wrong tho, ICC will be plenty hard and come in just as the weather starts turning down, so people coming back to pcs/regular life will have the same level of raid as when they left. the AT is very much a summer thing and expect the same to happen next summer/xpac. I will be pretty surprised if this idea doesnt translate directly into player happyness, with maybe some grumbling from the harder of the hardcore

    Playing polished, lag free, feature complete games is carebear. Whining about a game you hate but still play is hardcore man!

  • KrewelKrewel Member Posts: 390

    I hope this "Disneyland" approach to bosses won't become a habit. Though no trash and encounters in one room are two things that are kind of appropriate for the whole "Coliseum" thingy, for future stuff I expect something much more epic. I think it is bad enough that they removed the whole storylines behind raid encounters and epic quest chains (this need not relate to attunements at all).

    But the Coliseum will feature something unprecedented which sort of makes 3.2 unique - different visual appearance of gear for Horde and Alliance and different dialogues in encounters.

    P.S. - the title of this thread fails (and not just in English) :)

  • wartywarty Member Posts: 461

    It wont - Arthas is going to seat himself deep in the icecrown citadel, for sure! He will have some nasty protectors no doubt. Thing is while you can rightly argue it is a bit disneyland, when you take into account the other hardities of it, like less gear for wiping more, its still a pretty solid design. and despite initial worries it is rather fun on the PTR and cant see it being less fun when you get boss after boss, rather than single focus testing a boss at a time

    Playing polished, lag free, feature complete games is carebear. Whining about a game you hate but still play is hardcore man!

  • TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423

    Meow see here, meow.  I thought I was responding to a thread that was already in progress.  I had a few beers in me, not meow of course, but when I first wrote the post.  Meow I personally like the idea of encounters only and no dungeon crawls.  I've been doing dungeon crawls for 4 years.  Meow is the time to try something new.

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