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widescreen monitors

jamesd129jamesd129 Member Posts: 93

I just got my 24 inch widescreen and while I love it for most things, having a large monitor annoys me when it comes to playing lower resolution games. A lot of games I play don't support 1920x1200 or other widescreen resolutions. Is there a way I can force my monitor to display black stripes on the the sides rather than horizonally stretching graphics to fit the screen?


A little less likely, is it possible to make my monitor display the screen inside a black frame so I could play games at a lower resolution for better performance but still not have graphics stretched?


  • noquarternoquarter Member Posts: 1,170

    If you go into your display driver settings there should be an section called 'Image Scaling' and gives you the option of 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' or 'Scale Image to Panel', you wanna check the first and then it will give you black bars instead of stretching it.

  • huntersamhuntersam Member UncommonPosts: 210

    im glad you posted this reply i get my 24 inch tomorrwo can hardly wait

  • and_reaand_rea Member Posts: 20

    Originally posted by jamesd129
    I just got my 24 inch widescreen ... A lot of games I play don't support 1920x1200 or other widescreen resolutions...

    If your video driver don't let you avoid stretching, or you facing some side effects, you can also check for "windowed mode" in your game graphic options, then select the supported game resolution who best fit into your monitor.

    Hope this helps, Andrea


  • jamesd129jamesd129 Member Posts: 93

    Cool got it working, thanks.

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