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ksoul1987ksoul1987 Member Posts: 28

Ok. I'm not trying to flame anyone, or get any one of you on my bad side, but I just need to put my opinion out in the open about this subject.

The people that played Mu Online, and hated it after a few hours, come on these forums, and flame the game of it being so stupid. What is the point? To make you feel good about yourself for downloading a game that took 20, maybe 30 minutes of your time? I have a really small tollerence for people that talk trash about something that other people don't care about. It's rather annoying.

I agree that Mu Online has its badside, but that doesn't not mean people need to come on here and talk and talk and talk about how stupid it is. I have some news for you, people like different genres of games. So, I would be really pleased if you people would not complain and complain about a game you do not like. Its pointless, it makes you look even more retarted.

I could drone on about this matter, but I'm going to save some time for myself and end it right here. I know that no one will listen to what I have to say, and will keep on flaming games they don't like, so I'll be glad to ignore all of you.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this, and I hope I haven't made anyone angry. (Except the ones that talk shiz about a game.)


~ K S O U L 1 9 8 7 ~
:: M U O N L I N E ::

~ K S O U L 1 9 8 7 ~
:: M U O N L I N E ::


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