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need a laptop to play goonzu

zeekerfffzeekerfff Member Posts: 4

i am looking for a laptop to play goonzu but dont know anything about computers.


Minimum specification to run the GoonZu game;

- OS: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

- CPU: P3-800Mhz (Min) P4-2.0Ghz (Recommended)

- RAM: 256M (Min) 512M (Recommended)

- VGA: Video Card with at least 8MB DirectX 3D Accelerator - SOUND: DirectSound Compatible

- HDD: 1GB(Min)

- Other: DirectX 8.0(Min)/9.0(Recommended)

- Browser: Latest MS Internet Explorer

these are the system requirements.

need help finding a cheap laptop which would met these, preferably a big screen but not a major issue if its small.


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