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Kal Sugestions

MynscMynsc Member Posts: 49
First of all nice of to make a forum for every game, it was about time I may say :)
This being said, lets get down to business and see what would make Kal a better game. All sugestions should be about gameplay especially, not abolishing ccfing/hacking, better special effects bal bla. I'm not saying this isnt important but it has been discussed on every Kal forum thousand of times.
I'm gonna keep my sugestions for later, and I actually hope I wont have anything to add after you guys get started
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  • KazuhikoKazuhiko Member Posts: 1
    Kal is already a great game but it couel, like almost every game, be better. I think there are not enough skill (specially for archer) and a few more quests qould be better too. On each lvl two quests would be great. There is a new system to improve the strenght of your weapon. It's a great idea but u need elemental stones for it which drops not very often. That brings us to the drop rate - it makes me goin' crazy. The rate is unbelievable low. That really should be changed.

  • MynscMynsc Member Posts: 49

    My opinion is that this low drop rate contributes to the game's feeling. If items would be relatively easy to get their value would be smaller, for example the feeling of getting a g50 drop wouldnt be even close to the curent one. In effect people would get bored faster and Kal would loose one of its good features. - news, predictions and place for discussions about Blizzard's upcoming next-gen MMO.

  • cwilliams194cwilliams194 Member Posts: 18
    More quests are reallly needed, Kal has way too much grinding. It would be better if there were more quests with less xp, to give the game more variety, it can get very boring killing 200 whatever.


  • BlazingCloudBlazingCloud Member Posts: 5
    just to lvl you need to kill about 2000 of the monsters that are the same lvl as you this is why the game is so boring. Thats why in the main server there lvls are only at about 71 and 72. man and the game has been out for 2 years. MAKES YOU WONDER
  • LuteMidnightLuteMidnight Member Posts: 11

    I've only been playing Kal for a few days now, but I've noticed a few things that could use some work (from a noob's POV):

    First of all, it take forever to get to where you want to go.  They have a run feature, but it's just barly faster than the walk.  Also it drains your mana so fast that you can only run for a very limited amount of time.  Sure, there are teleport items that let you go from town to town.  But what about those out of the way areas?  I ackknowledge that there are some places that should take a while to get to.  It adds a lot to the environment.  But sometimes I think it's just outrageous.  Maybe I'm just impatient.

    Secondly, there isn't any way (that I've found) to jump.  Sure, I'm used to playing games where you can jump, and such-as I'm spoiled in that area.  It's just really fun to jump around when you're bored.  So let's get some jumping in Kal!

    Thirdly, the text is horrible.  I play the english version of the game, and the english is poor.  I know, the people that made Kal weren't from an english-speaking nation.  And their english is much better than my korean (I'm assuming that the company that made Kal is from korean, but I havn't looked into it so I might be wrong).  It just gets annoying sometimes when you're battling it out with the poor translation instead of battling it out with demons.

    Thats about all I have for suggestions atm.  Kal is looking to be a pretty average MMORPG to me.  Which is great, I enjoy the average MMORPG tons.  I would reccomend it to friends.

  • deatharcher9deatharcher9 Member UncommonPosts: 6

    ive been playing kal for like 4 years ... but i agree with people that say that game is boring ... but the 2 biggest boring thing is the low drop rate and the low exp .... i HAD a lvl 46 archer .... and i deleted her cuz i stopped playing and went to guild wars ... but now ive come back and started a knight ..... after few month of playing (like 3 day a week) ive reached lvl 39 .... till now ive got no drops .... only medium medicine  and geons .... and what about exp? alone i do like 1,5k exp in dungeon 1 and it gives me like  1 or 2%  and in party the exp is REALLY ... a good exp pârty is a splashy party but thats is lvl 50+  mage only. lots of people have been writting via the website to report about the drop rate and guess what gms answer .... its a sensitive part of the game .... but their "sensitive" part of the game is the thing that make people leaving kal


    the best thing they should do is to increase both exp and drop rates and maybe get a better hack shield cuz there is alot of hackers and that ruin the game ... ive lost like 2 or 3 accounts and ive been keylogged too on my old comp   i play on private server and there is a GOOD hackshield ... made by the private server hoster .... much better than the real hack shield ... and gms on the private servers are helping much better than real gm on real kal server

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  • NicksdNicksd Member Posts: 403
    Originally posted by fanxiangni

    I can not believe you are not banned yet.

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