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hi all, newbish questions

nOOObienOOObie Member Posts: 28
am thinking of getting into shadowbane, played for about a week awhile back, was about level 30 or so. anyway, was considering making a bw/bm huntress, would this be gimp? viable? what's the cost of bladeweaver and blademaster runes? cost of elvish chain? if it's too expensive/complicated for a newer player, what would be the best character type to "cut your teeth" on?



  • HerbalHerbal Member Posts: 11
    best bet for a first char is wizzard or a mino barbarian ,this will make it alot ezier for you to solo at the erlie lvls

  • nOOObienOOObie Member Posts: 28
    thanks, i'll try one of those, then go for a more custom build when i can afford all the nice runes and stuffimage


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