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3 Days In

GregtheexconGregtheexcon Member Posts: 203

Im writing a quick write up for those who were like me kinda wandering the mmo scene looking for a good game, I set up a trial account with EQ2 and been playing for 3 days and heres my take so far.

Its kinda overwhelming at the start, so many races and classes, unlike any games i've played. So hard to choose. Its very nice and refreshing as some of the classes seem quite unique and the races are nicely detailed with diffrent racials which makes the game seem that much more unique.

The combat isn't in sync as ames like WoW or WAR, but the realism in graphics is much more detail, which would cause the combat to look a little out sync. The graphics are just more intense, and has some pretty cool animations. The combat still looks good, and because the animations of spells and abilities makes the combat not seem so hack and slash.

I haven't got into the crafting part yet, highest lvl is 9 (lol) but the amount of gathering between mining and forestry, gathering, fishig and trapping makes me believe the crafting will be very open with lots to make as in the starter areas with all the nodes.

It does seem kinda empty at times, the lowbie areas are very barren at certain times, it seems most people are playing at aaround 6-7pm Est and on. Im assuming because of work which leads me to believe a more adult community which is good. So if you log in and it seems kinda empty hold your head up cause its probably the time, I mean theres so many races and classes that the rerolling of classes in this game would have many people more then happy starting a new character.

High lvls are always looking to help out, constantly I see in the lvl 1-9 chat people are willing to run lower lvl chars through instances. Which is a great way to lvl and gear up. So it seems the help is there if you need it which is a great resource when starting a mmo.

Thats all I have for now, like I said im 3 days in a trial account, and unless I hit a cray retarded problem with the game (which I doubt, I mean it would have to be so bad its not funny) I will be picking up my time card at the end of the week.

If your sitting on the fence of this game, try it. If your not attached to an mmo and haven't played this try. I mean 14 day free trial account is more then enough to give you an idea how this game works. 

Currently I have played 3 classes necromancer Illusionist and Inquisiter and right now im torn between the 3. So far im leaning towards the illusionist and inquisiter. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy everybod, see those in game and hope this helps somebody sitting on the fence, even if its just 1 person.

Enjoy : )


  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    Some of the starting areas are a lot more populated than others.

    Darklight wood always have a lot of players, at least on my server (Lucan D'lere). The players starting out on the isle tend to dissapear at different zones in Quenos, and both people starting in Q and Freep are a lot fewer than people in the newer zones.

    If your good you should probably go for Kelanthin and Evil for Neriak  or Lizardtown if you want a lot of people to play with. But it is no big matter since all people tend to end up in Thundering steppes and Nectulus forest when they are about lvl 20 anyways. And leveling go rather fast for the first 40 levels or so today, a bit too fast actually since you are missing a lot of the content and gear and skills are quickly becoming obsolete now.

    As for the players, they used to be very mature but in the last 6 months or so many younger players seems to have shown up from Wow, so at least the OCC on Lucan have gone downhill lately.

    A few tips:

    Remember to buy skill scrolls at the broker, since the initial skills are a lot worse. At least adept but preferably Expert is reccomended, masters are nice of course but generally not worth the money until you are at least 40.

    As for gear you can last long with the gear you get from questing and drops.

    And don't forget to buy some ok fook and drink, you need them to regenrate health (and to get some buffs).

    Welcome to the game anyways, if you have any problem or questions send me a tell :D

  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Member RarePosts: 3,474

    Sigh, Your making me want to start back up my ALL Access again. Stop with the good stories ive bought a year sub to Vanguard and every time i start up the Station Access i end up not playing anything for very long. If you like EQ2 do not try Vanguard it is also very good and one of the best kept secerets of mmo's out there. Sony for what ever reason gives more love to EQ2. Good write up OP.

    " Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Those Who  Would Threaten It "
  • GregtheexconGregtheexcon Member Posts: 203

     Like I said i've played 3 days. Since im on a trial im dedicating 1 day to a char (i.e class,race) I play about 2-3 hours a night so I got my necromancer to 8, Illuisionist to 8 and my Inquisiter to 9. 

    But im looking to take 1 of these guys to the top before I roll another class, or at least lvl 1 up to 30-40 before testing another. 

    Enjoy : )

  • BenGellorBenGellor Member UncommonPosts: 39

    Ive been back into EQ2 for almost a month and Im loving it , I made a Half-Elf Dirge have got him to lvl 23 , the new starting zones are so much better , The Highist I got with my launch toon a LvL 25 human Palidan this was with massive exp dept. Im also on Lucan D"Lure server . O have yet to pull a trigger on getting into a guild but it seems i will need to soon . 


  • bedolla3401bedolla3401 Member Posts: 293

    im also thinking about getting the station pass and playing so what is the best server to play on now these days?

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