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[6/9HMs, 3/4 Sigil, Algalon 10 down] LFM !!

ConnycConnyc Member Posts: 4


22th June, Glory of the Ulduar Raider COMPLETED!

30th of June: Alone in the Darkness (10man, #43 worldwide) COMPLETED!

1st of July: Algalon (10man, #55 US) COMPLETED!

Heroic hard modes completed:

  1. Lose Your Illusion
  2. I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Orbit-uary
  5. I Choose you, Steelbreaker
  6. FireFighter

<Og> has been around since vanilla WoW, we managed to clear the all BC content pre 3.0 and defeated Kil'Jaeden US: #85 while maintaining ~15hr raid weeks during progression. On the PvP side we have many multiple season Gladiators within our ranks.

Application forum (Where this information can be located): viewtopic.php?f=5&t=14

We are recruiting. In fact, we are always looking to recruit the most talented and dedicated players that this game has to offer. Through intelligent direction, skillful execution, and unwavering dedication, we expect to conquer the latest and most challenging end-game content. If this sounds like the kind of guild that you belong in, we are eagerly waiting for your application. We fully expect our applicants and trials to meet our standards and eventually help us reach our goals as a member of the guild. Before applying, please make sure you meet all of our requirements.

Checklist Before Applying

An <Og> member should meet the following requirements:

Raid times you must be able to make:

- Sunday: 5:00pm cst - 11:00pm cst

- Monday: 7:00pm cst - 11:00pm cst

- Tuesday: 7:00pm cst - 11:00pm cst


  • Very proficient and knowledgeable with your class, as well as WoW in general.
  • A "min-max" type of player who is willing to go the extra mile for even the slightest advantage.
  • Experienced in end-game PvE raiding and comfortable in highly competitive environments.
  • Very well-equipped with best gear/enchants/sockets/professions. Gathering professions on an App are heavily frowned upon.
  • Experienced in raiding. Extensive TBC experience is desirable.
  • Prepared for each and every raid with consumables. This means outside of the instance prepared with food, potions, elixirs, flasks, and reagents and ready to go.
  • Able and willing to motivate yourself to learn and master the latest and most challenging encounters.
  • Willing to respect and adhere to the guild's rules, policies and methods, as well as our officers' requests.
  • Able to take even the harshest of criticism with stride and learn to improve from it.
  • A team player. A guild-first attitude is important. Loot#!**@s, troublemakers and whiners need not apply.
  • A very sociable person with a good sense of humor who is fun to play with and easy to work with.

Raid Schedule: 15hrs/wk

25-man raids (mandatory):

  • Sunday Begin promptly @ 5:00 [Server] until 11:00
  • Monday Begin promptly @ 7:00 [Server] until 11:00
  • Tuesday Begin promptly @ 7:00 [Server] until 11:00

VoA, Naxx, OS, Malygos are all ran on offdays and they are optional. Multiple ALT runs are available.

This raiding schedule seem light? Yes it is, we only raid 3 days a week but as you can see (US #85 KJ) we still want to be competitive. That is why you need to be able to catch up on encounter detail quickly and be able to adapt your play style to offer the maximum on each occasion.

Class Availability:

With Hard modes as our primary objective at this point, we are currently seeking to patch the last few holes in our roster. At this point we are seeking:


  • Priest: 1 Holy/Disc (Possible full time raid slot) and 1 Shadow
  • Paladin: 1 Holy (High Demand)
  • Druid: 1 Resto, 1 Feral (DPS) and 1 Balance
  • Shaman: 1 Enhancement
  • Warlock

** Player must be able to provide WWS/WMO of their previous raid and be ready for an interview on Vent where they will be asked various questions about their class, spec choice, strategy and other details that might help you show you know your class very well.

As a final note:

Our application is not only your first impression, but your first test of competence towards our guild standards. If you are only going to spend 10 minutes on your app, then please save us some time and do not bother writing it at all

If you don't want to post an application publicly on our forum, you can PM it Tarasque, Shinjiro, Lotusx, Tidonags or Connyc on our forum.

You can also contact us in game:

Tarask/Stygiax, Shinjiro, Lotusx/Snuggie, Kleanx, Tidonags or Connyc!

Thanks and good luck.


  • ConnycConnyc Member Posts: 4


  • ConnycConnyc Member Posts: 4

    We still need quality player to fill our rank to finish ULDUAR Hardmode !

  • ConnycConnyc Member Posts: 4

    Firefighter down ! 


    Only Freya to go now !

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