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How do u start MU?

SalamandraSalamandra Member Posts: 9
I was just wondering how u started it?


  • ksoul1987ksoul1987 Member Posts: 28

    Well, first you download the game and the patch from, Install both of them, and re-start your computer. Afterwards, when the desktop loads again, the game should be refreshed, and ready to play. Double click on your Mu icon wherever its located, and it should start up.

    You will need to register an account before you start to play. After logging in, you can now pick which server you want.

    Once your server of desire is picked, you can now create your character and start playing! have fun.

    If your still having trouble, please reply to this topic... I'm sure I can help you.

    ~ K S O U L 1 9 8 7 ~
    :: M U O N L I N E ::

    ~ K S O U L 1 9 8 7 ~
    :: M U O N L I N E ::

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