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Free trial column

Everytime I browse the game list page,  I am usually looking for the released games that have frre trials that I could download and experience the games firsthand.  It would bevery useful if there was a "trial" column in the game list or a separate page with a list of all free trials, open betas, etc.

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  • FoxlyFoxly Member Posts: 78
    image I was going to suggest the very same myself. I think, better than a column though, the page idea. Plainly linked to the main page of MMORPG.COM, it would be a major feature of this website. I'd followed links from Google to Gamespot and other places which ended up being long-dead links and finding the Trials area took a few minutes of hunting through the small print links all over the interface. So yes, a Trials area, please and a plainly presentable link (graphical, perhaps?image) on the main MMORPG page? Thanks! image

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