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Shadowbane ToO from D2D

JadetoothJadetooth Member UncommonPosts: 372

yea, so the thing is, i bought shadowbane from fileplanet (direct2drive) without reading the read letters (stupid stupid stupid i know) so now i got 3 cd-keys (one for shadowbane and one for each expansion pack) that i don't know what to do with.

so i guess if anybody wants to try Shadowbane feel free to contact me, since the keys are no use to me since im from EU and don't have a creditcard with an US billing address...



  • HerbalHerbal Member Posts: 11

    Use the one from the newest expantion, that would be Throne of Obivion .  This will enable all previous expantions i believe ,  u will still have to install all three of the disks ,shadowbane first the Rise of Chaos then Throne of Oblivion .

    when you create your account on the ubi site, use the cd key for your Throne of Oblivion Disk image....Good Luck


  • HerbalHerbal Member Posts: 11

    lie ... its not a big deal use a 555555 postal code ...


  • ice_pice_p Member Posts: 29

    haha lol, image


    you happy blind man image, you're ignorace is bliss

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