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Book 8 issues



  • PapadamPapadam Member Posts: 2,102
    Originally posted by Durand

    Long time hater?  I have 10 posts since joining in 2005 and not all of those were for LOTRO....


    Eh I quoted and responded to Logicbox9, not you.

    I think you have valid concerns and book 8 did have a rocky start in US, Here in EU the release was delayed a weak and it was pretty much flawless. (Codemasters is actually pretty good afterall)

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  • WickedjellyWickedjelly Member Posts: 4,990
    Originally posted by logicbox9
    Clearly Jellyfish has no idea what they are talking about... you forgot the Minstrel DPS nerf as well, although you probably won't hear too much crying about that. Turbine's book updates in Moria have been pretty bad, at least that's the general idea on the OFFICIAL forums. Seems like the official forums (which represent ONLY customers that are subscribed) could use some more Turbine cheerleading...


    Well, the minstrel nerf was necessary considering the dps they had if they traited right for it.  They actually still can have crazy dps considering what the class is meant for but at least they won't out dps the dps oriented classes now hehe. Although my friend can rival theirs still but I think he's the only minstrel I've seen that specs the way he does.

    As for the champ nerf it seemed unnecessary to me but hasn't effected group play much from what I have seen besides having to pay closer attention to their health for healing.  Would imagine it can be a headache when they're soloing though pending on waht their play style was before.

    As for the rest of the changes and updates in Book 8 they seem great to me except for the Volume One horse change.  That seemed rather silly and unnecessary to me.  You have to wonder if that was really intended because what possible reason is there for it?  Especiallly considering how long it can take to complete all those books.  The biggest issue I've seen with Bk 8 is that they probably should have waited a week or two longer to make sure things weren't so buggy when it went live but they've fixed most of those now so really isn't a concern any more.

    They do still need to fix Carn Dum though which hopefully they get to soon.

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