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Pay Per month MMO with a "Card Combat" system.

VoomekVoomek Member Posts: 55

So, this is a WoW fan here finally giving up on the outdated game. Why? I'm sick of sitting here pressing buttons and hoping to land an attack. I really want a real time fighting system that sort of uses card combat, like Kingdom Hearts if you will. Not only that, but I want in depth character customization. Right now I'm downloading The Chronicles of Spellborn to see how it is, but I was wondering if you guys knew of anything else?


  • lordpenquinlordpenquin Member Posts: 129

    Spellborn uses real time combat and a "card" system so to speak.  You have this dial that you fill up with different skills.  The problem is that it is switching from pay to play to free to play.  To me that shows that the game isn't interesting enough to get regular subscribers.  It's being handled by acclaim too, so that doesn't bode well for it either.

    It's not real time combat (i think) but Mytheon is coming out next year.  That is a greek god themed mmorpg where you collect stones to summon creatures into battle.  It looks similar to atlantica online with multiple party members all under your control. 

  • ProfRedProfRed Member UncommonPosts: 3,493

    I believe the company behind Spellborn went bankrupt, but not sure.  I would go ahead and check it out as it seems like what you are looking for.  Maybe AoC will entertain you.  The combat system is a bit more twitch like I guess.  Otherwise you may like the Darkfall NA launch. 

    Oh and as a side note:  Pox Nora is a really fun card/rune game but it's not MMORPG.  It's turn based strategy with cards and a 3d isometric view.  Kind of like Magic the Gathering meets chess.  Very fun though and it's occupied most of my non MMO time over the past 6 or 7 months.

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