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Just for Laughs.....

ccory102ccory102 Member Posts: 60

If you have any jokes or funny pics of your own go ahead and post them ^_^


  • serdofohnaserdofohna Member Posts: 5

    Next time your being robbed. call the pizza guy instead...

    Thank God for your friendly neighboorhood pizza guy! ^^

  • lundodomnulundodomnu Member Posts: 8

    Yeah just hit the freeking dude with a baseball bat.

  • lyrehslyrehs Member Posts: 5

    Women can fake relationships too...

    My Blog

  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    So are you a woman?

  • Tommy211Tommy211 Member Posts: 41

     I love this poll!

  • Akiba_WolfAkiba_Wolf Member Posts: 13

    Hahaha, this was truly funny. My faveorite was one a tough decision between Santa Clause and the Pizza Guy.



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