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outdated look in the star trek verse



  • mokoleusmokoleus Member Posts: 142

    Nero wasn't in the romluan star empire, and as such, it's perfectly fine for him to look like that. it's not like they "changed" the romulans in anyway. throughout most of trek, you rarely see any romulans that are just normal civilians. i personally hope they ignore the new movie as much as possible, it was nothing more then an action movie, fine for star wars, just not actual star trek.

  • law573law573 Member UncommonPosts: 89
    Originally posted by ricefarmer

    with the movie coming out and all the awesome new special effects, diverse types of aliens, and how bad ass the romulans look...  its just going to make this game look super nerdy and outdated with its old designs..
    esp once the second movie comes out and they all look so much better..  and if the klingons and borg look super cool,
    what will become of this game?


    You are placing an awful lot of importance on the effect of one movie. In my opinion, the movie will have little effect on the game. The "awesome new special effects" are from an era long before the game takes place. Things will be different in the STO era. I can't really see how the Borg would even be in the next movie unless they fully intend to destroy the storyline of Star Trek.

    You are playing a video game. By definition that means you are not hardcore.

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