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Mu is.....

spiritk9spiritk9 Member Posts: 11

Mu is fine for people as a first time RPG, up to level 100 perhaps (if you stick with it that long)

After that playing MU is

getting a flavor for RPGs that really don't RP....

getting a first hand view of how hackers destroy games

seeing first hand what it's like to play a game with NO support from it's makers

experiencing the phenomena of an asian created game spammed to the west, when asians basically hate round-eyes.

a first time encounter with what is known as a "PK" (IE; "Dickheads") and KS'ers (assholes)

A good point about MU however, that I just don't see in any other RPG I've played to date, is the fact that you can log into ANY of their global servers and still see your characters! This is something I REALLY wish other RPGs would implement. It helps balance server load in a natural way rather than forcing users to the same server every day if they want to see their characters. This also provides a great opportunity to play PvP or NON pvp when you want, not when some cocksucking Pk decides wether or not hes going to attack and kill you....

That being said, I think you can summize I don't play MU, haven't for eons.....

K-Mart merging with Sears?
----=== ROFL ===----


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