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My dream for GA

AvathosAvathos Member UncommonPosts: 155

Here are my two cents for Global Agenda


The current game system appears to only offer instanced action. I would like to see a more open world RVR on which hundreds of players can fight over bases and other resources. It can be limited to 200 vs 200 or what ever technology can support. Somewhat like Planetside did.

Provide vehicles such tanks, helicopters, airborne transports, etc. This will allow the careers to develop further by giving them secondary professions.


Provide weapon and armor upgrades . This can be a great crafting system which will give people another reason to fight over resources, do missions, etc. The upgrades I am referring dont have to be OP. Something like 3% faster fire rate for 1hr or maybe 5% less recoil for 30 minutes. Things that are not game breakers by forcing people to craft in order to  fight, but a definitly a nice bonus to have.

Provide Armor and weapon advancement. I am not talking about farming gear or stuff like that. I am saying that as you advance your level your armor should reflect it. Make it cooler and meaner looking. For example: a newbie grunt and a seasoned veteran SHOULD NOT look the same. This allows eye candy and recognition. This can be supplemented with Trophies, medals and rank insignias.

Clan insignia constumization There is nothing cooler in a game like this than having a clan insignia that everyone else respect. A clan insignia should also shown  on your vehicles, bases, etc.

Since the game has PvE. Please allow raiding. I dont mind the quick 4 v 4 action  but please do not penalize clans who have 20+ members Offer them raid instances on where they can fight hardbosses. As much as I hate this... carebears needs love to make game profitable. Give them progression if you want their money.


There you have it, those are some of my suggestions. I  am positive that there 10000s of old Planetside players who are looking for the next MMOFPS.  I would love see that GA delivers a similar feeling of huge battles through land, sea and air.


  • JaklaxJaklax Member Posts: 52

    I think in a future expansion, they should offer a more open-isk world like planetside. Like have a huge large new zone that can handle like 1000 players or more. Just give it a badass setting and make it so you have to choose a faction to side with and have a huge cival war.

  • Jwave001Jwave001 Member Posts: 16

    Though I fully agree with the sentiment above (I loved Planetside and am saddened to see nothing like it to this day), I really like the idea of not having to choose a 'side' persay.  It really makes it more of a societal interaction.  Rather than having just the 'Good' vs 'Evil', its open, undefined.  Rather than hating on someone just because of the simple fact that they chose the other team, you can actually interact with everyone on the same level.  Just having come from Warhammer Online (what a bust), the pvp was essentially one sided.  I'd have loved to have somehow changed sides as mine was never successful in PVP generally, I felt like I was stuck.  Bottom line this sounds like a pretty solid concept and I'll look forward to exploring it.

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