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inapropriate ad from a game

drivecdrivec Member UncommonPosts: 104

on the right hand side of mmo rgp page ads show up for different games.


but when the luna ad came up it  very quickly caught my attention from 2 very undressed animated girls.

i believe on the right one a tit is showing when check. i dont care if its not 100% clear that it might or might not be. i just dont want people thinking i look at hentia when i am surfing this site.

it my opinion i could be wrong but ifs awful hard to tell and even if there is no tit i still believe the picture is very inapropriate.


link to picture uploading it has not be enhanced in anyway cept for cut and pasted off the site.


  • MeddleMeddle Administrator UncommonPosts: 758

    I'll forward this over to our marketing guy for review.  Thank you for the screenshot but I don't see any exposed body parts there but it is pretty suggestive.

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

  • teknicianteknician Member UncommonPosts: 270

    I think he is referring to the shadow of the strap on the left breast looking like the nipple.

    Personally, I don't care; I ignore most of the ads now anyway.  But if you pull that one, you'll probably have to pull about a bunch more that are in rotation.

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